You Think, You Drink 3-31-15



Welcome back to another edition of FirstAndMonday’s You Think, You Drink! Can you make it thru this post without having your mind bottled? See anything that gives you reason for pause? Then take a drink with us!

Our regular YTYD master M4 is on vacation this week, so it’s going to be a team effort to pull this one off.

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Now away we go…
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Alfred Hitchcock and the MGM Lion Leo having tea together.

 # Interesting Historical Photos  0

Wooden bathing suits made in 1929 that were supposed to make you more buoyant.

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A fugitive being dragged by border patrol so that he doesn’t escape the USA and enter Mexico.

 # Interesting Historical Photos  4

A portable TV concept created in 1967.

 # Interesting Historical Photos  8

The participants of the Miss Lovely Eyes competition in Florida held in 1930.

 # Interesting Historical Photos  10

Sound finders were used in World War I to figure out which way enemy planes were coming from.

 # Interesting Historical Photos  12

Women in 1942 would paint their legs to look like they were wearing stockings.

 # Interesting Historical Photos  18

In 1930, a policeman judges an ankle contest.

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A brewery delivers kegs on a spitfire to troops fighting in Normandy.

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Everyone in New York in 1939 wore a hat.

 # Interesting Historical Photos  26

People in Paris avoid getting wet in the flood by stepping on a series of chairs in 1924.


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The real-life Christopher Robin and Winnie The Pooh.

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Steven Spielberg taking photos of some of the set pieces that were made as miniatures for the first Indiana Jones movie Raiders of the Lost Ark.

# Rarely Seen Moments In History 12

A lone man refusing to do the Nazi Salut, 1936.

24 Rare Historical Photos That Will Leave You Speechless 47

Fidel Castro and Che Guevara fishing in 1960.

# Rarely Seen Moments In History 24

The aftermath of D-Day as two boys watch from a tree while American soldiers drive through Saint Lo in France.

# Rarely Seen Moments In History 26

A black police officer protects a member of the KKK during a rally in 1983.

# Rarely Seen Moments In History 14

Test pilot George Aird flying the English Electronic
Lightning F-1. He had to eject himself out of the plane after losing
control of it.

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