You Think, You Drink 11-7-17



Hello again goons. We are 40% through the work week thankfully and this should help you, along with a few cocktails, get through the evening. Welcome to the latest installment of YTYD from FirstAndMonday!


R. Budd Dwyer, an American politician, seconds before he committed suicide on live TV.
A terrorist member of the West German Terrorist group Red Army Faction that starved himself to death.


Two maintenance workers embracing each other on a wind turbine that caught on fire. Both lost their lives.
The red car beside them was a car bomb that went off shortly after the picture was taken. The man and child survived but the photographer died with 28 other people.


A class picture that includes the two Columbine killers. Look at what they’re doing in the top left


A photo snapped by Jodi Arias of Travis Alexander, moments before she killed him.


A photo snapped inside the famous Amityville Horror house in Long Island, New York. The house was empty at the time and the camera was equipped with a motion detector. The boy resembles one of the Defao boys who was killed in the house years before.


TIFO Quick Fact 647


TIFO Quick Fact 649





Thank you for taking a look and have a great Tuesday evening!

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