You Laugh, You Lose 9-14-2018


Mother nature is a cruel bitch but FAM is here to lighten the mood with some funny flotsam and jetsam from around the web. Let’s play…



Acid Picdump 90 picsAcid Picdump 90 pics

Acid Picdump 90 pics
Acid Picdump 90 pics

currygoatboi theblacktroymcclureLmao who made thisi think this is itthe post thats gonna make me delete my account
turbo-pharaoh baseballcardvandals Its medium and we all know itOwn this BCV Original
a-pika-chu radiuszero claudiagray In journalism school youre taught to look at a whole layout to see how everything does or does not work together Here are some reasons why they teach you thatXDThat last one was on purpose
welp GIF
doh GIF
happy valley GIF
is he ok is he okay GIF

How does she find the time
not feeling like an adult
Just a couple of bad puppers
Vectors of Politeness
Asking the real questions
I would move to Snake State
Has anyone else experienced this


Fun with humanity
Theres something about Nicolas Cage
It was all very sad and I will be missed
Wait where do scrambled eggs come from
But honestly why do we need airline chat
Detroit love baby
If you could make this happen I would be soooo happy
For my fellow Nurses out there

work place fun GIF
bad leeroy brown GIF
Making others suffer via rmemes httpsifttt2Oi82SH
Relatable via rmemes httpsifttt2MrrWJa
Found this note on campus via rdank_meme httpsifttt2NEaNkd
Cant trust yall via rBlackPeopleTwitter
Cocaine is a hell of a drug via rBlackPeopleTwitter
Okay symbol with hand via rmemes httpsifttt2MqxKTy
The hero we need via rmemes httpsifttt2x8WjzD
Pilot meme via rmemes httpsifttt2x5sXSH
Suicide rates drop dramatically to 0 via rwholesomememes httpsifttt2xbEqPP
Ah yes via rwholesomememes httpsifttt2N6W3eu
Rather starve via rmemes httpsifttt2CWf91U
3 albums of my mom via rmemes httpsifttt2Mq0rQf
Silence is golden via rBlackPeopleTwitter
Or when you pass out and your friends mess around via rmemes httpsifttt2CUPOFA
Huge potential for you eugenics fans out there via rMemeEconomy httpsifttt2MmWVGpporn music intensifies via rmemes httpsifttt2NCtHYM
Cant argue that via rmemes httpsifttt2CTMZoe
All fun and games until you smash the controller via rBlackPeopleTwitter
Invest in this simple format Buy now via rMemeEconomy httpsifttt2x2mVSz
Throwback via rmemes httpsifttt2CHN5zd

Actually Im not even mad Thats amazing via rmemes httpsifttt2O5HjsB
Guys really via rmemes httpsifttt2CGdJZwA cheerful giver via rBlackPeopleTwitter
Hold on a second via rmemes httpsifttt2x2VXu9


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