You Laugh, You Lose 8-3-2018


August is here and football isn’t far behind. But before we get to far ahead of ourselves, let’s take a look and have a laugh at FAM’s own..



abandonedandurbexAbandoned pizza and vodka in a Walmart shoe isle 2448x3264
sabrecmc girlswhoarewolves Had to label the old trash barrels so the collectors would know to take themThis should be the last post on tumblr before it is shut down

shiftythriftingfound at a value village in calgary ab

goodbrew82375Yep True story
secretdumpster2695 Suggested Retail

yomamapussystankbrazilian dentist

hobolunchboxHE Doublehockeysticks

thatsmoderatelyraven This is my favorite headline ever
nixhouseofcardsSometimes I feel like this is what its like being on Tumblr
Image may contain 2 people people smiling sunglasses and text
Breaking news out of Columbus, OH. Ric Flair “The Nature Boy” was named as the new head coach of the Ohio State football team. Officials from the university have announced that all O-H-I-O fan gear is to immediately be replaced with O-H-I-WOOOOOOOOO.


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