You Laugh, You Lose 7-14-2017

zv1j45v6a3xs Rally round the family with a pocket full of gifs…and memes. Lets all play FAM’s…



One trick pony
Top notch trolling
This is why cats are superior to dogs
Even Jesus is saying Jesus Christ about these flat earth morons

splicky trashythingsgohereIs this how kids do it these daysshowin off those dirty ass feet smh

Im a bit of a savant
He told her she couldnt have a horse for her birthday
What Led Zeppelin Songs Are About
9-1-1 E M E R G E N C Y BOYE
Airplane etiquette Follow it or get dragged off the plane

Ice cream via rmemes httpifttt2uRXwIN
Bout to Flay dat ass on PPV via rBlackPeopleTwitter
Mutherpupper via rmemes httpifttt2tIne3O
Cost you 45 via rdank_meme httpifttt2uQDlL5
420 Blaze it Stacey via rBlackPeopleTwitter
How tf he know that by unknwn4ever via rdank_meme httpifttt2u7aF3a
Theres nothing wrongwith not being able to Youre perfectly imperfect via rwholesomememes httpifttt2ugY91A
Ill be fucking surprised if Floyd cant read this one via rBlackPeopleTwitter

T H I C C by DaDerpDolphin via rdank_meme httpifttt2u6hvpv
Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 101057 AM
Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 101111 AM
Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 102824 AM
Acid Picdump 94 pics
Acid Picdump 94 pics
Acid Picdump 94 pics

Only 1590s kids remember

Me everyday via rmemes httpifttt2umucNg
Aint no way via rBlackPeopleTwitter
Bahahaha via rmemes httpifttt2tL7EEx
Why you so quiet Wheres all that shit you was talking before via rBlackPeopleTwitter
Gotta have that stick it in you attitude via rmemes httpifttt2vfgDf7
Rip via rmemes httpifttt2sSGLLT
Its Mr Mucus to you via rBlackPeopleTwitter
Found interesting template seek peer review for investment via rMemeEconomy httpifttt2sSHUTO
Someone please call the Doctor via rmemes httpifttt2ugszA5

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