Yesterday Ended: Enter Today, 3-29-17

Yesterday Ended: Enter Today, 3-29-17

By MotorBoater

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Happy #ManateeAppreciationDay!!


How fucking awesome would it be to become a manatee? Realistically they have a similar life as a normal American, life span of 60 years with no natural predators and they spend there time eating, sleeping and traveling.

On the last Wednesday of every March, we celebrate the beautiful, fat, lazy mammal known as the manatee. Is it a coincidence that they have “man” in their name?

So where do manatees hangout? I’m not talking about the lazy boy couch either, they love slow rivers, canals, saltwater bays, estuaries and coastal areas. As a migratory species, they inhabit the Florida waters during the winter and move as far north as Virginia and as far west as Texas in the summer months.

Manatees are herbivores, which means they eat only plants. This means that they do not eat any fish or crustaceans. Manatees eat mainly sea grass found on the ocean floor. To get down to the bottom easier, manatees have solid bones that help make them heavier….what fat fucks.

When manatees are born, they are about 4 feet long and weigh 60-70 pounds. Full-grown manatees can be up to 13 feet long and weigh up to 3,500 pounds….again, what fat fucks!

The most significant challenge manatees face today is the loss of habitat. Currently, there are approximately 3,200 manatees living in the United States.


Xena The Warrior Princess turns 49 today. She is a warrior princess who travels around fighting evil, and is also the actress Lucy Lawless.

Elle MacPherson turns 53 today. She is a well known Australian super model from back in the day.

Robb Thomas  turns 51 today. Known WR who played at Oregon State and setting many school records. Also had a smash hit with Carlos Santana.


1985 Wayne Gretzky breaks his own NHL season record with a 126th assist.

1987 Hulk Hogan beats Andre The Giant in WrestleMania 3.

In 1994 Jimmy Johnson quits the Dallas Cowboys.



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