Yesterday Ended: Enter Today, 3-20-2017

Yesterday Ended: Enter Today, 3-20-2017

By MotorBoater

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HAPPY NATIONAL National Native HIV/AIDS Awareness Day!

Today is the day to get checked, especially after a crazy March Madness/St. Patrick’s Day weekend. The National Native Capacity Building Assistance Network works tirelessly for this to help spread the importance of being checked for HIV viruses and raising awareness of safe sex.

The first National Native HIV/AIDS Awareness Day was held in 2007, help sponsored by communities of American Indians, Alaskan Natives and native Hawaiians  to help encourage native people to help learn more about the effects of HIV & AIDS.

HIV is spread through contact with the blood, semen, pre-seminal fluid, rectal fluids, vaginal fluids, or breast milk of a person infected with HIV. In the United States, HIV is spread mainly by having anal or vaginal sex or sharing drug injection equipment with a person infected with HIV.

HIV stands for human immunodeficiency virus, which is the virus that causes HIV infection. The abbreviation “HIV” can refer to the virus or to HIV infection.

HIV attacks and destroys the infection-fighting CD4 cells of the immune system. The loss of CD4 cells makes it difficult for the body to fight infections and certain cancers. Without treatment, HIV can gradually destroy the immune system and advance to AIDS.

AIDS is the most advanced stage of HIV infection.



Spike Lee turns 60 today. Famous African-American film director for such films as Malcolm-X and Inside Man.

Sting turns 58 today, known professional wrestler for his time in the WCW and later, WWE.

Professor Remus Lupin – aka. David Thewlis, turns 54 today. Professor Lupin taught 1 year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as the Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor.


In 1973 Roberto Clemente was announced he will be elected in the Baseball Hall of Fame, 11 weeks after his tragic death.

1988 Mike Tyson KOs Tony Tubbs in the second round for the Heavyweight Title.

1989 the MLB announced that the Cincinnati Red’s manager, Pete Rose is under investigation for gambling on baseball.



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