What We Learned in Each Game in the NFL: Week 5

Patriots 19 Bucs 14

We learned the Patriots can still play defense. We also learned that Jameis Winston still has a ways to go before he’s an elite NFL quarterback.

Bengals 20 Bills 16

We didn’t learn a lot, but it appears the Red Rocket did, good things happen when you throw it to AJ Green. We also learned that the Bills need to do something about that offense.

Jets 17 Browns 14

We learned that the Jets can just find ways to win, who would have guessed they would be 3-2. We also learned that the Browns can find new ways to lose every week.

Panthers 27 Lions 24

We learned that Cam playing well last week wasn’t an absolute fluke. We also learned Matt Stafford needs some help.

Colts 26 49ers 23

We learned the Colts can still beat bad teams. We also learned that Hoyer still has some game left, but he needs help.

Dolphins 16 Titans 10

We learned a team can win in the NFL with their quarterback throwing for 92 yards. Way to go Smokin Jay. We also learned Matt Cassel is still in the NFL, that’s neat.

Chargers 27 Giants 22

We learned ole Phil still has a bit left in the tank. We learned that we’re going to be googling a lot of receivers names this week in NY, because they just lost 4 guys to injuries in 1 game.

Eagles 34 Cardinals 7

We learned Carson Wentz may be the future of the NFL. We also learned that it’s time to rebuild in Arizona.

Jaguars 30 Steelers 9

We learned that the Jags have an elite defense. We also learned Ben Roethlisberger should have followed through with his thoughts and retired.

Seahawks 16 Rams 10

We learned that the Seahawks defense is still elite. We also learned that the Rams still have a ways to go to run that division.

Ravens 30 Raiders 17

We learned the Ravens offense can still score. We also learned the Raiders won’t win a game without Derek Carr.

Packers 35 Cowboys 31

We learned that the Packers just keep on ticking no matter who gets hurt. We learned that Dallas misses last season.

Chiefs 42 Texans 34

We learned the Chiefs are probably the best team in the NFL. We also learned the Texans better keep scoring, because they keep losing people on defense.

Vikings 20 Bears 17

We learned Case Keenum might actually be able to take the Vikings places. We also learned Mitch the Bitch better tighten that game up.