A regular feature of First And Monday will be a running weekly column that features a handful of our writers competing against each other in a weekly NCAA and NFL pick-off competition, with each week’s winner being awarded space in this very column to flame and humiliate and expose his fellow competitors. No holds barred. Should be interesting.

We’ll also track each picker’s cumulative progress, providing you with the most important stats on each of us to help you figure out if we’re complete imbeciles or not. (Hint: we are). Anyway, as the season goes on, you’ll get the idea. We’re not breaking any new ground here.

Here are last week’s results, last week’s winner (insert sarcasm font on using “winner” with this group), and the overall standings:

CFB Championship Week
Heath 5-3
Rico 5-3
Rafe 5-3
Sacks 4-4

NFL Week 14
Rafe 10-5
Sacks 9-6
Heath 8-7
Rico 8-7

Week Total
Rafe 15-8
Heath 13-10
Rico 13-10
Sacks 13-10
Overall 54-38, 58.7%

Season Total
Heath 138-125, 52.5%
Rico 135-128, 51.3%
Sacks 134-129, 51.0%
Rafe 124-139, 47.1%

Welp, the sun has officially shined on a dog’s ass as Rafe takes the week in an overall strong showing from the group as he continues to chip away. Meanwhile, the log jam at the top of Heath, Rico, and Sacks continue their solid, consistent, yet unspectacular ways. College favorites went 4-4 while the underdogs won all 4 of their covers outright. NFL faves dominated, going 11-4, balancing out the yearly trend that’s seen underdogs cover more often than not. The underdogs won 2 of their 4 covers outright. Basically it was a favorable week for chalk pickers (cough, Rafe, cough cough). As always, the group dominated their consensus picks, going 4-1.

That wraps up our college football pickoff segment for the year. (Be sure to check out our bowl game contest.) That leaves less opportunity for our pickoff contestants to make up ground or distance themselves from the pack, putting more emphasis on the last few weeks of the NFL season.