Weekend Pickoff , CFB Week 14, NFL Week 13

A regular feature of First And Monday will be a running weekly column that features a handful of our writers competing against each other in a weekly NCAA and NFL pick-off competition, with each week’s winner being awarded space in this very column to flame and humiliate and expose his fellow competitors. No holds barred. Should be interesting.

We’ll also track each picker’s cumulative progress, providing you with the most important stats on each of us to help you figure out if we’re complete imbeciles or not. (Hint: we are). Anyway, as the season goes on, you’ll get the idea. We’re not breaking any new ground here.

Here are last week’s results, last week’s winner (insert sarcasm font on using “winner” with this group), and the overall standings:

Week 13 CFB
Sacks 8-4
Heath 6-6
Rico 6-6
Rafe 6-6

Week 12 NFL
Rafe 8-5-1
Rico 7-6-1
Sacks 7-6-1
Heath 6-7-1

Week Total
Sacks 15-10
Rafe 14-11
Rico 13-12
Heath 12-13
Group 54-46, 54%

Season Total
Heath 110-103
Rico 109-104
Sacks 107-106
Rafe 97-116

Another somewhat respectable week from the group with Mr Sacks bouncing back to have a 60% week and Rafe threatening to make a late push into the realm of mediocrity.  In our college games of the week, the underdogs covered half the games while winning 4 of the 6 covers outright.  It was the week of the underdog in the NFL, with the favorites only covering a ridiculous 3 games out of 14 with one push.  Of the 10 games covered by ‘dogs, they won 8 of them outright plus one tie.  The group continues to roll in consensus picks, going 4-1-1.  Based on this trend, my advice is to go big on our consensus picks, but save the hate mail when you lose your kids college fund based on the advice of a bunch of drunks with a website.  More from Mr. Sacks…

“Meh, I should hit 60% of my games every week so I’ll save the bulk of my trash talking until after I wrap this sumbitch up.  My Magic 8-Ball says that “It’s Decidedly So” that I will win the overall championship.  How a toy purchased in 1988 knows this information is beyond my intellectual capacity, but I’m going to go with it.  You probably should too.  Good luck to my competitors (LOL) the rest of the season.”