Weekend Pickoff , CFB Championship Week, NFL Week 14

A regular feature of First And Monday will be a running weekly column that features a handful of our writers competing against each other in a weekly NCAA and NFL pick-off competition, with each week’s winner being awarded space in this very column to flame and humiliate and expose his fellow competitors. No holds barred. Should be interesting.

We’ll also track each picker’s cumulative progress, providing you with the most important stats on each of us to help you figure out if we’re complete imbeciles or not. (Hint: we are). Anyway, as the season goes on, you’ll get the idea. We’re not breaking any new ground here.

Here are last week’s results, last week’s winner (insert sarcasm font on using “winner” with this group), and the overall standings:

CFB Week 14
Sacks 7-5
Rico 6-6
Heath 5-7
Rafe 5-7

NFL Week 13
Heath 10-5-1
Rico 7-8-1
Sacks 7-8-1
Rafe 7-8-1

Weekly Totals
Heath 15-12-1
Sacks 14-13-1
Rico 13-14-1
Rafe 12-15-1
Group 54-54, 50%

Season Totals
Heath 125-115, 52.1%
Rico 122-118, 50.8%
Sacks 121-119, 50.4%
Rafe 109-131, 45.4%

Well if there’s anything this group is good at, it’s being consistently average with a 50% week.  One thing we continue to be money at is with consensus picks, posting a 2-0 week.  College favorites went 5-7 ATS with underdogs winning 3 of the 5 SU.  NFL favorites went 8-7-1 ATS, bucking a recent trend that has seen underdogs dominate.  ‘Dogs won 4 of those 7 SU.

Heath finally put a little distance between himself and Rico and Sacks while Rafe continues to Rafe.  More from Mr Heath…

“I’ve officially lost count of how many weeks I’ve been able to come on here and gloat.  I don’t type much (read: have difficulty forming sentences), but given the repetition, I’m pretty sure I now have carpal tunnel syndrome.  I probably should have a bigger lead, but when I struggle on certain weeks, I redefine the word.  Sorry, gents.  Maybe this just isn’t your cup of tea.  Oh, and, lick my butthole you fairies.”