UFC 170 – The Build Up

By: M4

Here we go with another Ultimate Fighting Championship extravaganza – UFC 170: Rousey vs McMann!

In case you do not know who Rhonda Rousey is, just for the record, this …


… is not her. That’s the exquisite, magnificent, and lovely Gina Carano – former UFC fighter and current woman of my dreams. Or message board signature. Or something. Unfortunately, she no longer competes in the cage, which could be good or bad – depending on your perspective… but do not fret, because, this – is the “Rowdy” one…

Sexy UFC fighter Ronda Rousey

You read that right, folks – “Rowdy” Rhonda Rousey will be defending her UFC Women’s Bantamweight title against Sara McMann this Saturday, February 22nd, live on pay-per-view. And by “defending”, I mean that the “Rowdy” one will attempt to rip McMann’s arm from its socket, wrap it around her neck, and choke her out with it. She recently stated in an interview that she is willing to die in the ring Saturday night. And by “die”, she means that the only way McMann will walk away with her belt, is if she pries it from her cold, dead claws. If you know anything about Rousey, you know that she is not one to lob empty threats. If you scoff at the idea of women fighting – tune in and prepare to be floored, because they do not play.

Gif Fight

This fight will mark an unusually quick turnaround for Rousey, who just defeated her “The Ultimate Fighter” rival Meisha Tate this past December. Make no mistake though, Rhonda is an absolute beast, and would probably fight every weekend if she could. In fact, I’d be surprised if she wasn’t out someplace right now choking some poor girl out (or guy, for that matter).

The Main Event:
“Rowdy” Rhonda Rousey, United States (Cali-girl), 27 years old
Record: 8 Wins (8 submissions via armbar) – 0 Losses



Sara McMann, United States (South Carolina), 33 years old
Record: 7 Wins (1 KO, 3 Submissions, 3 Decisions) – 0 Losses


Prediction: What do you want, here? You want me to call my shot, a la Babe Ruth? I’m not stupid, pal. And by stupid, I mean I’m not prepared to bet against Rousey. McMann can fight though, and in my opinion will give Rousey as much as she can handle. That said, Rousey by submission (rear naked choke), or by decision. I know that’s weak, but I’m on the fence with this one.

Match 10:

Daniel Cormier was scheduled to fight “Suga” Rashad Evans, but Rashad had to pullout very recently due to some kind of knee injury. Given Evans injury-prone past, to be honest, he could have torn an ACL while sitting on the couch watching True Detective. He’s a great competitor, and by all accounts a decent guy, but he really let Cormier down, here. Cormier handled the news well, however, as he picked himself right back up, and promptly drove to Popeye’s – where he presumably went to town on a few dozen orders of honey barbecue wings. The man said he binged, and I believe him.

But, as they say, the fights must go on, and a little known fighter named Patrick Cummins will step into Suga’s shoes and try his luck in the cage against a man with chicken wings still digesting in his gut. Cummins will be making his first fight for the UFC, having previously fought in… in…. hold on, Google’s still thinking… ah screw it – he’s got 4 fights in his pro career, probably in Strikeforce or Xplode or XFactor1 or some low-tier organization. He’s not the best option for such a high profile fight, but you’ve gotta start somewhere – and we all know that no matter who you are, who you’ve beaten, or who you’re fighting – one punch can ruin anybody’s night. Like my main man Kid Dynamite once said, “Everyone’s got a plan until they get punched in the mouth”.

The stats:

Daniel Cormier, United States (California), 34 years old
Record: 13 Wins (5 KO, 3 Submissions, 5 Decisions) – 0 Losses


Patrick “Durkin” Cummins, United States (Pennsylvania), 33 years old
Record: 4 Wins (2 KO, 2 Submissions) – 0 Losses

Prediction: Cummins is really making the most of this opportunity. He’s doing all he can to get Cormier’s attention; letting the veteran know that he’s not intimidated, and seemingly pissing Cormier off in the process. In fact, he was so peeved that at the recent UFC press conference promoting the fight, Cormier shoved Cummins and Dana White had to separate them…

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Yeah, he mad.

Whether it was real anger, or the fake BS reserved to garner excitement for a fight that nobody really seems to care for, who knows? I’m guessing that Popeye’s ran out of Bayou Buffalo sauce, and Cormier is fixin’ to whip Durkin’s ass for it. Durkin brings the heart, but not the experience, power, prestige, know-how, skills, talent, or jaw. His last fight was against Willie Smalls “Balls… Cormier beat Roy Nelson, an aging – but still – Frank Mir, and also recently KO’d Antonio Silva. Cormier wins via TKO (stoppage).

Match 9:

Ah, the match I have been eagerly waiting for since Rory Macdonald pussyfooted his way to a highly disappointing decision loss to Robbie Lawler. Macdonald is truly an enigma wrapped in a riddle wrapped in a fortune cookie which says, “He who fights not to lose, fights not to win”. I just made that up.

Rory “Ares” Macdonald is a freak, plain and simple. He’s got allof the skill in the world. He is undoubtedly one of the most technically sound fighters on the planet – just ask Joe Rogan, he’ll tell you… multiple times, actually, because he is [allegedly] bangin’ gator tails at every break in the action. That’s just how it goes.

But if Rory does not come out desperate for a victory against a very dangerous opponent in Damien Maia, then he never will. He beat B.J. Penn senseless and then handled Jake Ellenberger pretty easily before his loss to Lawler, so his career is not close to being in jeopardy – in fact he is only 24 years old, and has a lifetime of fights left in him. Yet if he wants to assume a position atop the UFC as one of its new “faces”, then he needs a big win, and he needs one Saturday night. Back to back losses for “Ares” will leave fans, critics, and possibly his own camp, wondering where his career is headed.

Maia’s situation is a little bit different. He’s headed towards the back 9 of his career, and is looking to earn himself one more shot at a title before his window closes. He is a tough “out” as an opponent, losing only 5 times in 23 matches, including 4 by decision (once to Anderson Silva, once to Chris Weidman, and his last fight – to Jake Shields). The Brazilian is skilled, experienced, and motivated. If “Ares” continues to fight like he’s coached by Lloyd Carr, Maia will walk out of the cage with a win, and Rory will be searching for his mentor, Georges St. Pierre, who will likely be back in Montreal re-learning the alphabet.
Georges Pierre

The stats:

Rory “Ares” MacDonald, Canada (British Columbia), 24 years old
Record: 15 Wins (6 KO, 6 Submissions, 3 Decisions) – 2 Losses (1 KO, 1 Decision)

Demian Maia, Brazil (Sao Paolo), 36 years old
Record: 18 Wins (3 KO, 9 Submissions, 6 Decisions) – 5 Losses (1 KO, 0 Submissions, 4 Decisions)

I’m going all in on MacDonald… the guy is a beast when he is aggressively trying to punish his opponent and end fights. I think his previous few fights have been very uninspiring performances, and when you combine them with his arrogant-hipster persona that he seems to have settled on (for promotional purposes?), fans are turned off from Ares right now. He needs a win big time to get his career headed back in a positive direction. It’s time to take some chances. Maia is a formidable opponent, but I’m banking on MacDonald to come out and hurt him. MacDonald by KO.

Match 8: 

Mike “Quicksand” Pyle, United States (Vegas), 38 years old
Record: 25 Wins (5 KO, 16 Submissions, 4 Decisions) – 9 Losses (4 KO, 4 Submissions, 1 Decision)


T. J. Waldburger, United States (Texas), 25 years old
Record: 16 Wins (1 KO, 13 Submissions, 2 Decisions) – 8 Losses (6 KO, 0 Submissions, 2 Decisions)

Prediction: Pyle via Submission

Match 7:

Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson, United States (South Carolina), 31 years old
Record: 8 Wins (4 KO, 1 Submission, 3 Decisions) – 1 Loss (Decision)


Robert “The Reaper” Whittaker, New South Wales, 23 years old
Record: 11 Wins (5 KO, 5 Submissions, 1 Decision) – 3 Losses (0 KO, 1 Submission, 2 Decisions)

Prediction: Whittaker via Decision

Featured Prelim:

Jessica “Evil” Eye, United States (Ohio), 27 years old
Record: 10 Wins (2 KO, 1 Submission, 7 Decisions) – 1 Loss (Submission


“Ally-Gator” Alexis Davis, Canada (Ontario), 29 years old
Record: 15 Wins (2 KO, 7 Submissions, 6 Decisions) – 5 Losses (2 KO, 0 Submissions, 3 Decisions)

Prediction: Never seen these chicks fight, so due to “Evil” Eye being the way cooler name, she wins via Decision.

Eye vs Davis, along with 3 other exciting preliminary matches can be seen on FoxSports1, starting at 8pm. 2 more prelim matches can be seen via UFC Fight Pass, which I still haven’t purchased. If you have it, let me know how it is.