Top Three Drummers In The Game

Top Three Drummers In The Game

By FAM’s Resident Drum Expert

So who really is the best out there?

Trick question.  There’s no single best drummer out there.  What we have, however, are a select few who have shown their ability to transcend between different genres and blend different styles to create their own sound.  This is all up to interpretation, but I’ve played for 16 years so, of course, that makes me right and you wrong if you don’t agree.

These three cats have been able to use the right amount of speed, grove, dynamics and power all while keeping impeccable time.

1,2,3…LET’S DO THIS!

#3 Benny Greb
I know Trump won and all, but one of these picks had to be from overseas – there’s just too much untapped talent currently spending Euros rather than cool, crisp Benjamins.  If you’re looking for a change in pace from the next two other choices, I’d suggest giving Greb a listen.  Don’t get me wrong – he can bring the heat when he wants to, but he’s much more of your “sit at the bar, grab a scotch and relax” type of live drummer rather than the “let’s chug some Red Bull and go apeshit” guys.  Greb’s all about that teaching life and releases new videos dedicated to advancing the intermediate drummer in all ways possible.  If you watch the whole video below, you’ll see the full gamut of his creativity and the extreme depth of his groove.

#2 Matt Garstka (Animals As Leaders)

“Orchestrated Chaos.”
That’s really the best way to describe this guy’s playing.  He’s a bit more of an acquired taste, like cheap beer and black coffee – but while you’re trying to figure him out, he’s blowing your mind with advanced time signatures in places where they shouldn’t be (but they still fit).  He’s creative as hell, but doesn’t quite “show his hand” by going off of the rails from the recording quite as much as my #1 pick does – but my lord, when this guy chooses door number 3 you know it abruptly.  Garstka’s background in jazz/funk/fusion from his time at Berklee College of Music allows him to access different iterations of fills and grooves that your normal progressive metal drummer can’t tap into.  I’m not really sure what else I can say, just listen to the track below.

 #1 Matt Halpern (Periphery)

Halpern didn’t make #1 because of his affinity for the Baltimore Orioles – Halpern made this list due to his affinity for playing something different each time while making you think it sounds the same.  No seriously, go find his videos on youtube (HELLPERN) and try to find the same beat all the way down to the grace notes in more than one video – and while you’re there, check out his love of the deep V neck short-sleeved shirt.  As the backbone of the progressive metal band Periphery, he’s shown his ability to tear it up at all tempos, all time signatures, while keeping his grooves extremely creative and fantastically in time.




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