Top Ten Songs With A Number In The Title

Top Ten: Songs With A Number In The Title

10. U2 – One

U2 is pretty standard when making lists of just about any topic. Especially when some FAM staffers are giant band homers.

“One love, we get to share it” 

9. Sammy Hagar – I Can’t Drive 55

As long as you stay out of the left hand lane whilst driving, Sammy, I don’t care how fast you go.

“I can’t drive 55”

8. The Eagles – Seven Bridges Road

The song was written by Steve Young but let’s all be honest here, The Eagles version is what we all know. I just wanted to point out that there are stars in the northern, eastern, and western skies too.

“There are stars. In the Southern sky”

7. Jay-Z – 99 Problems

I guess Jay-Z’s team works hard to keep his videos off of Youtube because this live performance with Pearl Jam was about all I could find outside of covers.

“I got two choices y’all, pull over the car or, hmm, Bounce on the devil, put the pedal to the floor”


6. Dolly Parton – 9 to 5

FAM isn’t some run of the mill site that doesn’t give all music genres credit where credit is due and this Dolly Parton number is pretty lit.

“They just use your mind and they never give you credit”

5. Blur – Song 2

Chances are you might not even know the name of this song but you definitely know what song it is by the first lyric.


4. Barenaked Ladies – One Week

No matter what sort of argument you are having with your significant other if you break out this song you’ll forget and start dancing.

“How can I help it if I think you’re funny when you’re mad”

3. Chicago -25 or 6 to 4

I think Chicago could get put on virtually an list every created.  Maybe one of the most underrated bands of all time.

“Sitting cross-legged on the floor. 25 or 6 to 4”

2. Prince – 1999

Anyone lucky enough to really remember Y2K can understand this song has so much more meaning. Also, it’s friggin’ Prince, man!

“Say say two thousand zero zero party over, oops, out of time. So tonight I’m gonna party like it’s nineteen ninety-nine?

1. Bryan Adams – Summer of 69

Possibly the greatest song of all time about reminiscing about the younger days although those days probably weren’t as great as we tend to think!

“Sometimes when I play that old six-string. I think about you, wonder what went wrong”

Honorable Mentions:

Not really a number in the title but nobody knows this song by the real name…


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