Top Ten Most Overrated Cities in the US

When making a top ten most overrated cities in the US you have to find cities that are actually rated. You couldn’t add Jackson, MS because who rates Jackson, MS at all? So when you read the list below don’t get your panties in a wad. Or do, I don’t care. I’m not your father. Am I?

10. Dallas/Ft. Worth

They try to combine these two independent cities together to make it seem like they are better than they are. Nice try guys, St. Paul/Minneapolis already did this. Come up with some original material. Although I’d take hot over extreme cold any day of the week.

9.  Chicago

If you go to Chicago there’s a pretty decent chance you’ll get shot. Oh, not from getting into some violent scuffle yourself, no. You might get hit with a stray bullet just zipping around the city from all the gang violence.

8.  Detroit

You might be thinking how Detroit made this list when everyone sort of hates Detroit but I argue their storied past has earned them the right to be overrated. At least you can get a decent falafel though.

7.  New Orleans

I mean dirty, crowded, vomit filled streets.  What’s not to love?

6.  Seattle

Seattle seems to be a hipster trend either because of grunge, Se7en, or Sleepless in Seattle. We really aren’t sure but the city is overrated af. Who wants to carry an umbrella 365 days a year?


5.  DC

The seat of the most powerful position in the world? Who cares. The monuments and the history is cool but the city itself outside of that is a cesspool

4.  Miami

Unless you have a nice boat, you might as well move to Orlando. At least then you have Disney.

3.  Houston

What, you don’t like a sprawling metropolis concrete jungle in a swamp? Oh, and the heat, my god the heat!

2.  Los Angeles

The City of Angels. Are angels failed attempts at show business after years of rejection? At least you get to sit in traffic for 4 hours a day!

1.  San Diego

Look, San Diego consistently ranks at the top in best places to live, however, we argue that is misleading. Sure every city has areas outside of downtown that are great to visit and that adds to the appeal but the only thing San Diego proper has is the zoo, which is pretty badass. The best parts of San Diego are NOT in San Diego. O-VER-RA-TED (clap clap, clap clap clap).

The real reason you live/visit San Diego below.  Everywhere but San Diego.

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