Top Ten Most Attractive Super Bowl Winning Quarterbacks

Top Ten Most Attractive Super Bowl Winning Quarterbacks

By Josh Fields


At FirstAndMonday we love a good ranking. We rank everything from fast food to sitcoms. This list had to be done and FAM is just the place to do it. We are counting down the most attractive Super Bowl winning quarterbacks so that all the women (and men) out there can take a moment to ogle at these fine specimens of athletic prowess. Men want to be them and women want to be with them and who can blame them?

By our count there are 31 different starting quarterbacks to ever win a Super Bowl so these gentlemen are in elite company. This does, however, make the rankings very difficult. As you will see we have men that are so gorgeous they would land every part in Hollywood and some so heinous even a mangy coyote would not have anything to do with them. The vast majority are somewhere in between but FAM is up to the challenge. Check out our Top Ten Least Attractive Super Bowl Winning Quarterbacks.

We used their age into account for the rankings. We scoured the interwebz to find images that were in or around the time of their Super Bowl win. With the multiple winning quarterbacks we chose a picture sometime during that time frame. Basically, we can’t use a current picture of Kenny The Snake Stabler (may he RIP) so we went their prime, as we would all love to be judged!

10. Joe Theismann

Just take a gander at those locks and that thousand yard stare and you’ll understand why Joe comes in at number ten on our list!

9. Aaron Rodgers

Rodgers has dated some pretty good looking women and it is no secret why. Dimples for days.

8. Troy Aikman

Troy was a lifelong Cowboy and the women in Dallas fell in love upon first sight.

7. Brett Favre

Boyish charm and a renegade attitude puts Favre in at number 7.

6. Joe Willie Namath

I mean, the man wore a fur coat on the sideline. He was a NYC media darling even though his career was pretty meh.

5. Kenny Stabler

Stabler rocked the 70’s messy hair and unkempt beard look like he invented it.

4. Steve Young

I don’t know if Steve Young is Mormon but I’m sure all of his wives are very happy ladies!

3. Len Dawson

Len Dawson has the chin even Superman would be jealous of. The “boy next door” good looks you can only expect from the 1960’s.

2. Russell Wilson

Wilson comes in at number two with his great hair and all around goodness.

1. Tom Brady

I mean, was there ever any doubt as to who would be number 1? The picture speaks a thousand words.


So there you have it! The list is final and cannot be disputed but if you want to argue this and pretty much anything else on your mind sign up for our FREE MESSAGE BOARD!

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