Top 11 Hair Band Ballads

Top 11 Hair Band Ballads

By Bruce Harris

Happy V Day! If you were around in the 80’s you probably think I mean Venereal Disease Day. No, I’m talking about Valentine’s Day here and with that in mind let’s talk about the best hair band love songs of all time.

Often called ballads, it seems like every band that got a record contract had to have at least one of these in their arsenal. The chicks loved the slow jams and it gave the lead singer a chance to pout and show his vulnerability and sing about feelings, and stuff.

So its time to hold up your lighters and check out my Top 11 list!

#11. End of the Line – T.N.T.

This band is really amazing. If you’ve never heard them, I highly recommend you check them out. Ronnie Le Tekro had some of the best lead guitar chops I’ve ever heard and lead singer Tony Harnell may have had the best voice in all of metal. He definitely had the greatest hair in the genre. This song is built around piano and features an awesome drum fill that might catch you off guard. The guitar solo work here is incendiary. If this song doesn’t give you moosebumps, then you need to turn it up louder.

#10. I Don’t Love You Anymore – London Choirboys

The Choirboys were a one hit wonder, and this song was not their hit. It tells the story of a bloke coming back to visit his ex and their son. Lead singer Spike’s smoky vocals fit this tune’s vibe perfectly. You can really feel the heartbreak in his voice.

#9. Love Bites – Def Leppard

I’ve always thought these guys were ahead of their time. Starting with the Pyromania album, their production values yielded a sound that was bigger, cleaner and more dynamic than any other band in their genre. Their sound continued to evolve and 1987’s Hysteria album still sounds fantastic even now. “Love Bites” was that record’s ballad and though the lyrics aren’t as sophisticated as some songs on this list, they do a good job of portraying lead singer Joe Elliot as a jilted lover.

#8. Fly to the Angels – Slaughter

How big of a douche canoe do you have to be to get fired from your own band? Well, when everyone in the Vinnie Vincent Invasion besides Vinnie decided to leave they then formed the band Slaughter, featuring Mark Slaughter on lead vocals. Dude could wail and this song is a good show case for his power house lungs.

#7. Please Dear – Faster Pussycat

Perhaps my favorite band from the era, Faster Pussycat broke up too soon. Front man Taime Downe’s touring version of the band is still a good unit, but he lost the songwriting mojo the band had when guitarists Brent Muscat and Greg Steele were still in the fold. Their smash hit ballad was “House of Pain”, but the real hidden gem on that ‘Wake Me When Its Over’ album was this song, “Please Dear”. Singing to his now deceased love, Lisa, Taime pleads for her to save him a seat in nirvana. The guitar work on this song is typical of the co-lead interplay that Muscat and Steele were so good at. Its bluesy AF.

#6. Patience – Guns N Roses

This gem comes from the acoustic EP “Lies”. Featuring some of Axl’s finest whistling and some (as always) tasty leads from Slash, this song is sure to get you doing the back and forth shoulder sway that Axl made famous.

#5. Alone Again – Dokken

The song epitomizes “power ballad”. Don Dokken’s strong vocals and George Lynch’s deft guitar work helped make this song a staple on MTV’s Headbangers Ball. Both of those guys are notorious A-Holes and despite a recent reunion tour that was only motivated by money, they both deserve to find themselves alone, again.

#4. Every Rose Has It’s Thorn – Poison

Every Rose was the Wonderwall of its day. Every jerk off with an acoustic guitar knew how to play this one. Poison wasn’t taken seriously by most of their peers or fans of other hair bands back then. They were considered a band that only chicks listened to but now, in hindsight, they were pretty good song writers actually and C.C. Deville might be underrated as an axe slinger.

#3. Heaven – Warrant

RIP Janie Lane. He’s now in “Heaven”, I suppose. This song hit all the right notes and was a monster hit for the boys back in the day. Janie had a limited vocal range but he pushed himself to the limits to make this a memorable song.

#2. I Remember You – Skid Row

Speaking of vocal ranges, Sebastian Bach could sing his skinny ass off. Probably the most powerful of all the front men on this list, Bach’s performance on this song is nothing short of legendary. I was never a fan of this band, but this song still takes me back to my high school days when ever I hear it.


#1. Love Song – Tesla

Ok, I’m not just being corny by placing “Love Song” as my #1 love song. I really feel it is the best overall song on the list. Telsa was a blue collar band, not a bunch of make up wearing stage prancers and they were nothing if not sincere. Jeff Keith gives a working man’s performance here and by the end of the song has everyone singing along with him. Love will find a way!

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