Top 10 NFL Uniforms of the 1980’s

The 80’s was the decade of excess and aesthetics, especially in athletics. FirstAndMonday has decided to take a look back at the “greatest decade” to name our Top 10 NFL Uniforms of the 80’s!

#10 San Diego Chargers Dark Blue Helmet and Jersey With White Pants.
Although, these days the Bolts prefer their powder blue kits that harken back to the days of the AFL, we at FAM much prefer this version. The logo is iconic and exhilarating. The lightning bolt is perfectly illustrated and the white and yellow blend perfectly with the dark blue…a bolt out of the blue, indeed!

#9 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Bucco Bruce All Whites With Dreamsicle Orange Trim.

As hideous as the home orange top get up was, the road all whites version was simply breathtaking. Earl Fylnn with a knife in his mouth stars as the fearless (and mostly hapless) Bucco Bruce, while the orange trim serves as the real show stopper when featured on the all whites.

#8 J.E.T.S. All Whites, Whites, Whites!

Ok, so consider us suckers for all white unis. Something about the play of natural sunlight off a white uni with the team’s predominant color as an accent on the pants and jerseys yet still front and center on the helmets is the makings of magic. This version of the Jets’ uniforms features their best logo (I mean cmon, its in “JETS” font and everything) and some sneakily sparkly green helmets. Plus the all whites show off the blood stains better, for when Klecko or Gastineau flatten a sorry QB.

#7 Houston Oilers Love Ya Blue Home Unis

One of our favorite helmets of the era still looks aces today. Perhaps its because the team is no more and we only get to see these unis in NFL Films segments, usually while Earl Campbell is going HAM, or perhaps its because its a perfect marriage of a simple, yet elegant oil derrick design, with bold helmet stripes and a powder blue and red scheme that “just works”. Everyone likes something different, kind of like porn, but also like porn, we know it when we see it. And when we see these 80’s Oiler uniforms we know one thing: WOOD.

#6 Dallas Cowboys Road Blues

Staying in Texas, the Cowboys rarely had to wear this version of America’s Uniform. They wore white at home, and on the road most teams would wear dark jerseys, meaning the Cowboys would also usually wear white while away. Legend has it that these uniforms were bad luck for the Boys, so occasionally a home team would roll the dice, put on their own white jerseys and force Dallas to don this costume. Maybe its because it was such a rare sight to behold, or maybe because its just a bad ass football look, but either way this dark blue beauty is in at #6 on our list.

#5 NY Giants Big Blues

The Giants won with class and style in the 80’s. And when LT wasn’t high on the Colombian Marching Power, he was high on our list of all time players, in an all time uniform. Dat Blue, doe! Arguably the greatest uniform in the team’s long and storied history, this version looks like a lean, mean party machine.  Now if we could only see LT’s earring thru the ear hole, this uniform would easily be #1 on our list.


#4 Chicago Bears All Whites



Ok, what if Sweetness had never played in these uniforms, with his cinder block thighs, mouth piece and perfect running back number “34”? Well, we are pretty sure that these all white beauties would still be high on our list. Some prefer Da Bears midnight blue jerseys, and those people are probably high on nitrates from too many sausages. The rest of us know that the all whites are all right.


#3 Atlanta Falcons/Georgia Bulldogs Mashup

ATL and UGA have had a similar history of disappointment. And back in the 80’s their unis even looked the same. Silver britches, red tops, red helmets, black logos, wide stripes, wrong side of the score board, etc. Long before they were the Dirty Birds, the 80’s Falcons at least got to rock this clean kit. Not good enough for #1, but good enough for third. Meh, they are used to it by now.


#2 LA Rams Home Unis

UNDATED: Eric Dickerson #23 of the Los Angeles Rams runs with the ball during a game. Eric Dickerson played for the Los Angeles Rams from 1983-1987. (Photo by Mick Powell/Getty Images)

Ok, picture a ram. A real life animal ram. Picture his horns…now look at these helmets. WHOA. Are you a wizard? Perfect helmet! Ok, now picture So Cal. Blue ocean? Bright sunshine? Ok, lets do this! These 80’s Rams uniforms were big, bold and beautiful, much like Los Angeles, and we love it!


#1 Da Raiders

Regardless of decade, city or win/loss records, the Raiders have the best uniforms in the history of sporting competition. Now, forever and especially in the 80’s, the Raiders’ black and silver pirate look is the GOAT.


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