The Rehash: May 13

“News” and trends for the indifferent. We hardly care, but we kinda do.


Anonymous hero changes George Zimmerman’s gun auction username to Racist McShootface

“Pew pewpewpew” – George Zimmerman’s brain 24/7

Looking to once again profit from the night he shot and killed an unarmed teen, George Zimmerman’s attempt to sell the gun he used to kill Treyvon Martin has been dealt a hilarious blow after an unnamed hacker changed the infamous rent-a-cop’s online gun store username to Racist McShootface. Regardless of your opinion of the Zimmerman-Martin murder case you have to admire the creativity of a name like Racist McShootface and it’s absolute appropriateness. One has to wonder what other names our mysterious keyboard superhero passed up, names like Beady Eyed Shortdick or Multi Racial Multi Bigot or Count SplochyVonBeard.

Popovich out-coached as title fav Spurs ousted by OKC Thunder

Pops is basically a less charming Phil Jackson now

Multiple time Coach of the Year and NBA Championship winner Gregg Popovich was out coached by Billy Donovan in an NBA Playoff series, let that sink in. It’s OK Pops fan boys, it happens to everyone, like Pops in the 2012 series against the OKC Thunder. This doesn’t take away from the fact that Popovich is perhaps the best active coach or that his Spurs are the best NBA dynasty since Jordan’s Bulls or that not only is he a sure fire HOFer but he can be credited with molding the greatest power forward to ever live. What it does do is make his post game antics seem that much more ridiculous. Lose with some grace Pops, because even the greats shit their pants on occasion.

Trump returns from Capitol hill well fellated and with new GOP support

Raise your hand if you just made an entire political party your bitch in their own house.

After months of publicly ridiculing now Republican presidential nominee to be Donald Trump, GOP honchos have now stooped and bent the knee in, of all places, the hallowed halls of the senate and house. After meetings with representatives of both chambers as well as Speaker Paul Ryan, who’s pretending to play hard to get worse than a horny preachers daughter during the annual 4th of July church picnic, Trump has left Washington with the support of Republican lawmakers to go with his hardcore yahoo constituency.

The Man Quiz

Style: "Mad Men" January Jones (Betty Draper) and Don Draper (Jon Hamm)
Nothing says “The 50’s” like stylish clothes and institutionalized racism.

Are you a real man? NO NO NO, don’t feel around for your testicles, take this quiz and find out for sure.

The Man Quiz

by Paul Markgraf

May 13, 1854 – The First Public Stakes Game of Billiards in America

Pictured: Schenectady Portly great grandfather of Minnesota Fats.

If 45 round bare knuckle boxing matches, cock fights, pistol duels and competitive slave owning weren’t enough to satisfy pre-Civil War America’s degenerate gambling tooth, billiards arrives on this day in 1854. Check out when it all started!

May 13, 1854 – The First Public Stakes Game of Billiards in America

You Laugh You Lose

acid_picdump_83It’s Friday and the 13th, laugh at your own discretion.