The Rehash: April 27

 “News” and trends for the indifferent. We hardly care, but we kinda do.

Trump V Hillary 2016: America’s Saddest Choice

Lets just give it all back to England. GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!

Despite the unlikely partnership of the two surviving Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump successfully swept the five states in play in yesterdays primary elections. Similarly, Hillary Clinton thrashed Bernie Sanders, who may or may not realize election cycles eventually end, and all but set up a showdown between her and the well-coiffed billionaire. While Trump savors his sure fire nomination Ted Cruz looks to make a few waves by naming another Trump pile driver victim Carly Fiorina as a VP running mate. At this point, when Chris Christie has a better chance of opening a can of Hormel chili beans using an old fashioned can opener without going into cardiac arrest than Ted Cruz actually winning the GOP nomination, naming a VP is as desperate as picking up an STD-less date during last call after the lights come on. It’s all over Ted.

Several NFL teams prepare to make idiotic picks

Attention rookies: Headgear will not protect against head trauma and is for logo branding purposes only.

For a select few college football athletes the NFL Draft is the beginning of a prosperous career. For the rest it’s the beginning of a sad journey filled with cuts, trades, injuries and the prospect of having to share a locker room with a naked Richie Inconito. Whether it ends in a glorious golden jacket or in a rest home at the age of 27 wondering what year it is, it all starts at the NFL draft. FAM has compiled several common sense drafts, including a titanic 253 pick mock draft) and trades that will not be taken into consideration by the front office folks wielding millions of dollars, enjoy.

2016 NFL Mock Draft – All 7 Rounds

Kevin Costner and the Browns are looking to shake things up this year.

2016 NFL Draft – 3 Trades We’d Like to See

The Cowboys war room: Where 1st round picks and Dallas escort’s dreams go to die.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 30 years since the Chernobyl nuclear power plant exploded and spewed radioactive waste into the atmosphere over Ukraine. After years of mutated babushkas, the fall of the Soviet Union, tiny giraffe owning oligarchs, countless bears riding on unicycles and the rise of shirtless Putin, Firstandmonday’s own Mike Heath turns back the clock and returns to that fateful day in Pripyat, Ukraine. Break out the vodka and hazmat suits, Пойдем!

You Think You Drink

originalThe current social and political climate may have you tempted to just turn off your brain and say to hell with it. Remember, your brain is like a muscle that becomes more powerful with every bit of meaningless information you cram into it. Get your head right with You Laugh You Lose, like Crossfit for your brain. (But like waterboarding for your liver.)

What We (think) We Know Through 20 Games – NL Edition

Not even Old Glory catches a break in Atlanta.

By 20 games most baseball fans will have a pretty good idea to either prepare for a run deep into October or plan on spending all summer looking forward to free plastic Frisbee night. here’s everything you need to know about the National League 20 games in.

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