The Rehash: April 25

 “News” and trends for the indifferent. We hardly care, but we kinda do.

Eiffel Tower to be Cruz and Kasich’s last ditch effort to stop Trump

GOP Tag Team Champions of the world the Trump Wackers

Billionaire and Republican presidential front runner Donald Trump has been beating the Republican party to within an inch of it’s life for the past ten months.  With a national convention looming and the specter of Hillary Clinton’s hyena like laugh haunting the dreams of conservatives everywhere the GOP has been given no choice but to play the numbers game and pray to Ronnie Reagan that this thing goes to a contested convention. The plan is for Cruz to focus on Oregon and New Mexico while Kasich slings in Indiana in hopes to keep Trump from reaching the 1237 delegates he needs to smother the Republican Party in it’s rest home wheelchair.

Tom Brady’s deflated balls return

“Long term brain damage caused by concussions? I’m worred about these damn flaccid balls, GTFO with that other shit.” – Roger Goodell, maybe

If you thanked God that you where finally done hearing about Tom Brady’s under inflated balls you where probably praying to the wrong deity. That’s because a federal court has ruled in favor of the NFL and will uphold it’s four game suspension of beloved New England Patriots signal caller Tom Brady. What does this mean? It means the NFL never loses. It means Roger Goodell’s face is about to get a lot smugger. It also means Tom Brady probably needed four extra weeks to watch fashion shows while wearing a knit scarf anyway. And of course it means that if there really is a God up in heaven he either doesn’t give a shit about football fans or he doesn’t give a shit about humans in general.

Happy Birthday Al Pacino

Aye, wash yo caca mouf chico!

Tony Montana and Michael Corleone might be dead but Al Pacino lives. Happy birthday Al, may you live long enough to shoot The Godfather IV: Gangsters In Space.

NFL Mock Draft with Tyler Smyth and Sean Freaney

Just looking at this picture makes my liver ache.

Bruce Harris welcomes back Tyler Smyth who this week returns with NFL guru Sean Freaney to give their picks for our annual mock draft. Let the NFL knowledge and alcohol flow.

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