Ten Best Monkey/Ape Gifs

We’ve got something to admit… We here at FirstAndMonday love a good animal gif. Notably, we love those that concern our primate brethren. Thus, we’ve pooled our collective thoughts, and combined mental maturity of 18 years, to provide our top ten Best Monkey/Ape gifs. Some are old, some newer, and some a new take on a classic. Regardless, they make us spit beverages on our screens every time we see them. So without further ado…


10. The Dog Tormentor – He’s sly, crafty, agile, and hates dogs. No, it’s not Michael Vick, it’s this lovable ape from a long time Internet gem.


9. Spinning Gorilla – What in Heaven’s name is this silverback gorilla doing? Perhaps he’s a huge fan of Brit rockers Dead or Alive. Or maybe he is just honing his craft as a world champion shot putter. We’re not sure, and don’t really care.


8. Standing Side Kick Monkey – Give a small Asian child a piece of trash, and he’ll learn what garbage is. Give him a standing kick to the chin and he’ll learn to never, ever litter around a disgruntled primate on a chain.


7. Monkey Phelps – He gets an F for form, he started halfway up the pool, and he isn’t wearing a swim cap. However he’s a swimming monkey and still smarter than Ryan Lochte. He wins…


6. Chewing Baby Monkey – Hell, this might not even be a monkey. It sort of resembles a Sasquatch baby, or could just be a Turkish baby with alopecia. Whatever it is, we don’t care, we want one.


5. The Furious Eater – Just give him the damn banana, don’t you see he’s mad? It’s likely not because he’s hungry, but because those asshats have him living in a squalid cage. We recommend his captors give him their wankers. He’ll treat it like a dog does peanut butter balls… we promise.


4. Snow Bound and Down – Awwwww, he’s hopping, wearing human clothes, and just loves to eat snow! WRONG! He’s freezing his monkey nuts off and thought it was a heaping helping of nose candy to get his temp up. Fact: Drug addiction is up among primates all across America.


3. IKEA Monkey – This little fellow holds a special place in our cold, dead hearts. Why? Well, like us, he’s woefully out of place at an IKEA and just wants to get the hell out of that horrible store. He also looks great in Camel.


 2. The Ride or Die Crew – They’re like the Regulators of the primate world, mounted up and ready for action. There is one big difference between Warren G and these monkeys however, the former rides with Doggs, the latter rides dogs.


1. Imagine Gorilla – He’s a new take on a longtime internet meme, the Rustled Jimmies Gorilla. He’s also got a bit of a philosophical side, pondering the mysteries of the world. That is, until he goes ape shit.