Sexual Harassment Victims are Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year” for 2017

Sexual Harassment Victims are Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year” for 2017

 By Iaine MacDonald (@IaineMacComedy)

If 2017 has shown us anything, its that the general public is tired of entitled white guys who treat other people like objects.  I realize this is immediately contradicted by the fact that Donald Trump actually got elected President.  However, I think what’s happened this year has been a ripple effect from Election 2016.  Either people who didn’t vote for Trump and were so incensed that the country elected an admitted sexual predator that they said “That’s it, no ones fucking getting away with this anymore”, or its people who voted for Trump hoping he would change once he got into office and was taken aback by the seriousness of being President and quickly discovered that was about as likely as dating a gay guy hoping to turn him straight.

Either way, 2017 is noteworthy as the year that sexual harassment and sexual assault victims finally stood up and said ENOUGH, not only because of the sheer number and variety of accusations that have come out, but because FINALLY there has been some punishment for the offenders.  I’m reminded of 2016, when the Stanford rapist Brock Turner was given a ridiculously short sentence and the women of this country went into an uproar.  This past week, Brock the Douchbag decided to appeal his conviction, hoping enough time had passed and people were distracted enough.  I don’t think its going to go his way, considering that even the judge said he made a mistake on giving such a light sentence and he resigned the bench afterwards due to his guilty conscience.

This country is fed up with predators.  Fed up with Hollywood producers who spend an inordinate amount of time in hotel bathrobes and are under the impression that every actress also holds a massage therapy license.  Fed up with ugly, fat, rich white “celebrities” who get off on the power trip of forcing women to watch them jerk off.  Who lock colleagues in their office and dry-hump them.  Who get underage boys drunk and molest them (the truth hurts, Kevin).  We’re DONE.  What’s different this year is that these predators are actually getting punished for their behavior.  Forget prison.  You wanna hit these guys where it really hurts?  Get em’ in their wallets.  Practically every week it seems, another public figure is being fired, kicked out of their career guilds, or being forced to resign their positions.  THAT…is when they finally apologize.,format&q=30&fit=crop&w=774&h=386

Personally I don’t give a shit about their apologies.  They’re coerced and they’re bullshit.  I also don’t get why anyone appears to be surprised at the stories.  I’m not going to talk about Harvey Weinstein really – He deserves to be castrated. But at the same time, the majority of women who were harassed by him were aware of his reputation and still agreed to meet him in hotel rooms because they wanted to be famous.  I don’t have a ton of sympathy for those people either.

Who do I have sympathy for?  The women who had to put up with Matt Lauer, knowing that not only was he getting away with frotting all over his co-workers, but he was also getting paid way more for it.  Ive got sympathy for the women who were trying to work in a male-dominated field of comedy and were forced to watch Louis C.K. jerk off in front of them.  THOSE chicks deserve medals.  Do YOU want to come face-to-face with C.K.’s beer belly and pale, freckled, GINGER bush?  I know I don’t.  And we should ALL have sympathy for the victims of Roy Moore, the Republican Senate prospect in Alabama.  Admittedly “dating” underage girls “with the permission of her mother”, banned from shopping malls for preying on young girls there… This guy was kicked out off the Alabama judges bench, is guilty of adultery but still tries to whack everyone with his Bible (don’t let him touch you with it, its probably got some nasty stains on it) and our Pervert in Chief just endorsed his campaign.  But its not all Hollywood dickspashes and Republican hypocrites, even Democrat Senator Al Franken was busted this year of groping a female reporter while she was sleeping.

And just in case you want to think “Well, its only ONE instance, we can excuse that”, whats happened is that once one of these victims comes forward, others get the courage to do it too, and unsurprisingly these predators turn out to have many victims over the years.  Again, this should come as no shock to anyone – these guys are addicted to power and that addiction isn’t sated with one go.

I’m glad this is the year of the brave ones who speak out.   To be honest, if this is a result of ripple effects from Trump being elected, then it was worth it – to finally uncover DECADES of illegal and disgusting behavior and victimization.  Most women have heard the stories and have come forward with their own, starting the #MeToo movement that was the basis for Time’s award.  I cant, because Ive never been victimized.  Ive never been sexually harassed at work and Ive never been molested or raped.  I cant put myself into these womens shoes, but I applaud their courage at coming forward.  And when someone bitches about not taking them seriously because they waited 30 years to report the crime, maybe they should think about the fact that the women had to wait to report it because for 30 years, it wasn’t viewed as a crime.

In the end, Im loving this story because its just another thing guaranteed to make Trump unspool, especially after he tweeted last week that he was their original pick and turned them down, to which Time Magazine busted him publicly for fabricating the entire story.  And I don’t think choosing #MeToo was just a slap in the face to Trump – they could have accomplished that easier with choosing #BlackLivesMatter or the anti-Trump protesters who marched in the beginning of 2017.

#MeToo isn’t going away.  Its going to grow, and as long as men keep thinking the whole world is as in love with their dicks as they are, its never going to stop.  Guys, NO ONE is in love with your dicks.  Keep that shit to yourself.


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