Seeing The Forest For The Trees

We here at pride ourselves on bringing a different outlook on sports and at times history, food, lawn care, and well hell, you name it.  This is not one of those times; this is one of those times where we’d just like you to sit back and enjoy the talents some very gifted people.

Today we’re going to focus on some of the best impromptu and street performers (or buskers as they are commonly known as) on youtube.  Why? Because sometimes we need to see the forest for the trees.

Some of these are older and I’m sure you’ve seen a couple of these before, but by no means does this overshadow the immense talent that more often or not get missed amongst the shuffle and bustle of our daily routines.  The next time you see a random impromptu street performance or busker, and I’m talking about a talented busker, take a moment just to pay attention.

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Henri John Pierre Herbert absolutely destroys a London ‘Play Me, I’m Yours’ public piano.  Keep an eye on all the passersby; these folks obviously didn’t take the time to stop and see the  greatness.


Adrian Roman and Tiberiu Eduard Gogoanta in Barcelona playing Flamenco


Two random people meeting at a train station in Paris.


While completely staged, I’m pretty sure this will be a lasting memory for all who witnessed.


Some kid named Felipe in Costco


Who could forget Donald Gould, the (formerly) homeless man who went viral for his public playing of Come Sail Away.


While S.White isn’t the most talented drummer of all time, she’s still no push over (not to mention she’s kind of cute).  Also, for the love of god, please don’t youtube the real Fantastic Baby, it’s not nearly as cool as watching S.White.


While parking like a complete asshole, decides to jump in and help a struggling busker out.


Carl Le Paiaiste in Paris Train Station


The World’s Greatest Soccer player (not named Lionel Messi) gives a kid the best surprise of all time (as if the cameras and security didn’t give it away).


Some random dude (Mariusz Goli) in Poland playing a 7 string guitar.


Justin Ward in San Francisco


Matthew Fearon


Jack Broadbent in Amsterdam


Maan Hamadeh on an airport public piano


Mike Rosenberg (aka Passenger) playing “Let Her Go” on streets of Hobart, Tasmania.  Passenger made his living busking until “Let Her Go” became a hit, this however has not stopped Rosenberg from busking.  It’s not uncommon to see Rosenberg playing parks and streets for free only hours before people play money to see him perform in stadiums.


Jewel singing Jewel karaoke songs


Bernard Davey on New Year’s Eve