Replacing Jurgen. You know, just in case.

No one is saying that the USMNT will lose to Guatemala tonight. No one is saying the Yanks will fall short of the Hex and miss Russia 2018. No one is even saying that Jurgen Klinsmann gets das boot if either or both scenarios happen. What we’re saying is that JUST IN CASE the unthinkable happens and our national team looks lost and confused against an inferior opponent and loses, we should really take a look at these guys:

David Moyes

130809165218-manchester-united-wigan-community-shield-david-moyes-single-image-cutRemember when this guy tried to follow in the footsteps of the legendary Sir Alex Ferguson in Manchester United and failed miserably? Well he’s available and, unless Luis Van Gaal gets shit canned first or Aston Villa snatches him up, is the best former Man U manager available.

Jorge Sampaoli

313696_heroaSampaoli led the high flying Chilean National Team to its best World Cup showing as well as a Copa America title before “willingly” leaving late in 2015. Sampaoli’s style is quick and fluid and would not only mean exciting new soccer for the US it would also mercifully end the pass pass fall over era.

Jose Mourinho

Mourinho-JoseWhy on earth would the Special One even consider managing a struggling side in the worst Federation in soccer? First of all, anyone that did any sort of research would see that American youth soccer is on the rise here and abroad. Mou would not necessarily be managing for Russia but perhaps to make history with a talented roster beyond. Besides, sometimes you get tired of taking all the cheerleaders to prom. And that bad girl with the short skirt and a tattoo of a bald eagle on her pelvis has always looked intriguing.

Tab Ramos

tab-ramos-usa-under-20-world-cup-06102015_13lmbsfegt63d1o3c5fz9tpalfRamos is the safe bet nobody wants to happen. While his coaching resume is limited to the youth national team it at least provides familiarity and a steady hand through what could be a difficult summer that still has the Copa America Centenario and a possible appearance in the Olympic games. Toast and tap water sucks but it wont kill you or cost millions.