RB’s Advice Vol. 2: How To Change Mower Blades


(We at FirstAndMonday advise that you do not try this at home, or anywhere else. This demonstration is for entertainment purposes only.)


How To Change John Deere Mower Blades-by RB

1.  Jack it up using a jack and then realize you can barely fit under there and also its not stable at all and that idea was retarded.  (Sorry no pics because I thought I was seriously going to get crushed by a mower).

2.  Just take the entire fricking deck off.  F, You, deck!  Also just find of figure out how to do this as you go. (see exb 1)
-things you will need:  wine, cigarettes, flashlight, and that’s about it.  Most of it is attached by locking pins, so you just got to find all those suckers. Also, you have to undo it where the pulley attaches.
exb 1

3.  Find a random piece of wood sitting around and jamb it in the blades so that they don’t turn.  Get a socket/wrench (and you better bring some freaking ass).

4: Time to bring that ass son (I spent an hour attempting to get this off with different tools…and then it dawned on me “I have a sledge hammer!”, so went live here, and to be honest, I still didnt think it was coming off).


Now do that same shit with the other blade.  Then go find all the nuts, bolts and your tools that went flying off and take a cigarette and Budweiser break.  Well done.

5:  Make a diagram (see fig2) of which way your new shit is going to go on (also take a picture for back up, in case something happens to your diagram, also #2…and speaking of, you probably should’ve taken pictures of how you got the mower deck of but that’s water under the bridge at this point).


6: Just do stuff.