Products with Purpose: GoSurf Accessories Mouthpiece Mount for GoPro

Today we at FirstAndMonday introduce a brand new product we’ve recently come across, the Mouthpiece Mount for the GoPro camera, brought to you by GoSurf Accessories.

It’s a brilliant, hands-free device designed for surfers, by surfers, as detailed by GoSurf founder and CEO Steve Ramsthaler. We’ll let Steve explain the history and origins of the product:

“GoSurf Accessories was founded by a group of divers, surfers, engineers and entrepreneurs out of San Diego, CA, all of whom had a vision for big things. We know we wanted to make this product not only to score epic footage of surfing and other action sports, but to help out our oceans in some way. We spent 6 months designing and creating our product and we are still developing our specialized packaging. The product itself is called the Mouthpiece Mount. It attaches to your GoPro and you bite down on the comfort bite mouthpiece for hands free filming. There is a breathable airway built in so you can still get the airflow you need while filming. You can orient the camera up for easy editing, orient the camera down for a nice fit to your chin feel or you can fold the camera out and use the mount as a handle. Each mount has an adjustable lanyard so you don’t lose your camera while filming. The packaging is a reminder to ocean and beach goers to pick up trash. The idea came about when I was out surfing and constantly kept running into floating trash. I would paddle over pick it up and shove it in the sleeve of my wetsuit. I knew I wanted to make something to stash the trash. So we developed a prototype packaging which is made up of mesh material with a zipper and recycled wetsuit material combined. The functionality of it is the fact you can use as an attachable pocket. You can attach to your wetsuit, towel or bag. We want to motivate our customers to have fun with our mount and do their part to keep our oceans clean. Right now we are running a kickstarter campaign to raise the funds we need to fully develop our packaging and pay for our production costs for the mount. All in all the end of the day our team gets together to surf. We use our mounts and pick up the trash floating around our beautiful Southern California waters”.

Now we here at FAM love the product and its purpose. While not all of us surf, we do love the idea of a hands-free mount for the GoPro camera. Whether biking, skateboarding, fishing, skiing or just making the next great POV adult film, the basic functionality of the Mouthpiece Mount allows for the ultimate in GoPro experiences. You can essentially maneuver the cam without using your hands, thus not losing control on a tight turn, while roaring downhill, or while clutching her legs. It’s the perfect compliment for the outdoor enthusiasts GoPro camera, allowing full control of your filming and yourself.

Furthermore, we love the dual purpose packaging. In all seriousness, we are huge proponents of cleaning up the mess we humans have made of our Earth. Whether you surf or not, if you spend time in the Great Outdoors, you’ve noticed the ridiculous amount of trash that ruins nature’s beauty. You can now stow it away without filling your pockets with garbage or looking like a bag-man. It can also hold jimmy-caps, a tube of KY, or just a stopwatch to keep track of some sweet marathon love making. The packaging, as much as the Mouthpiece Mount, is both utilitarian and a great idea.

limited edition packaging

Here is a link to their promotional video , Also a link to their Kick Starter page. So check out the totally hands-free and essential Mouthpiece Mount for the GoPro camera, brought to you by the righteous dudes at GoSurf Accessories.

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