Pre NBA Draft Thoughts


Tonight, the NBA will hold it’s annual draft. You can catch all the action on ESPN at 7pm eastern. The Philadelphia 76ers and Los Angeles Lakers will be the first two teams on the clock. What will they do? Some quick thoughts from our resident basketball guru.

Is this a two man draft?


Brandon Ingram and Ben Simmons are the two big names on the draft board and teams in the lottery were all clamoring for them. However, there is talent to be found beyond them. Jamal Murray can step in and be an impact scorer immediately and guys like Buddy Hield and Kris Dunn can make an immediate impact as well. Simmons and Ingram will still both need some time and development.

Will Boston move their pick?


There has been speculation that Boston will try and move their third overall pick for a veteran, but it doesn’t seem like that is getting much traction. Look for them to draft Kris Dunn or Jaylen Brown.

Who will be the rookie of the year?


My money is on Jamal Murray from Kentucky. He’s a guy that’s going to come in and make an immediate impact as a scorer. He also has some versatility and can handle the ball. There are questions about his overall athleticism, but we’ve seen with other players that doesn’t always matter.

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