Power Rankings: Drinking Holidays

1. St Patrick’s Day.

That is literally what the holiday is about.

2. 4th of July.

Wearing patriotic tank tops and blowing stuff up while slamming beers all day is my idea of good clean fun.

3. New Years Eve.

Celebrating the end of one year and start of another, issuing fake promises, but alas, you just get smashed all night and hopefully make some bad decisions.

4. Thanksgiving.

This is what America is all about. the women in your family cook you a big elaborate dinner and you sit on the couch, drink beer, and watch football.

5. Memorial Day.

6. Labor Day.

See above.

7. Halloween.

Everyone dresses up ridiculously and drinks, whats not to like?

8. Christmas.

Hanging out with way more family than you want to, may as well get drunk.

9. Valentines Day.

You’re either out with your significant other spending way too much money or you’re single at the bar trying to find someone to go home with you.

10. Easter.

I just needed a 10th.