On This Day – March 31

1889 – Eiffel Tower Opens to the Public

Vive le Phallus!

When Paris hosted the 1889 Worlds Fair they turned to engineer Gustave Eiffel and asked “Mon’Amie, design us a giant steel penis as a sign of French unity.”  Eiffel did just that designing a 1,063 foot steel monolith that became the largest man made structure until New York’s Chrysler building in 1930. Initially hated by thin mustache and cigarette smoking Parisians, the Eiffel tower now stands as Paris, and France’s, most iconic image along with a silhouette of a snooty French waiter spitting in an American tourists crepe.



1931 – Knute Rockne Dies in Plane Crash

The day the football died.

How good was legendary Notre Dame coach Knute Rockne? Well, he’s the man that coached the Four Horsemen, Curly Lambeau, Frank Leahey, and Ronald Reagan as well as popularizing the new fangled forward pass. Rockne also led the Fighting Irish to four National Championships and is credited with jump starting the golden domer storied program from a back water Indiana catholic school to a nation wide powerhouse force fed to the rest of the nation.




1985 – Wrestlemania I

Off the chart greatness.

Today Wrestlemania is known as the greatest yearly sporting event known to man. For all their greatness though, the 30 Wrestlemanias all bow down to the original edition in Madison Square Garden. Featuring commentary from Mohammad Ali, Gorilla Monsoon and Jesse The Body Ventura as well as the fabulous Liberace as the special timekeeper; Wrestlemania I had it all BEFORE the action in the ring started.

Preliminary matches included wrestling superstars Andre the Giant VS Big John Studd (a match in which the Giant would have been forced into retirement had he lost) as well as a classic tag team match between the Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff VS The U.S. Express. The main even was possibly the first mega match of the modern era when the immortal Hulk Hogan teamed up with Mister T to battle Rowdy Roddy Piper and Paul Orndorff. Cindy Lauper, The Junkyard Dog,  Billy Martin,and Ricky Steamboat rounded out what could possibly be the last time so many stars aligned under one roof. Truly they were the greatest generation.


1943 – Happy Birthday Christopher Walken

I got a fever and the only prescription is Geritol

We’re not saying that Christopher Walken is successful because he looks like a crazy person in all his movie roles, but if the shoe fits. And there is nothing wrong with being or looking crazy, it works for Tom Cruise and for three decades is has worked for today’s birthday boy.

Whether its a crazy mob boss, a crazy Vietnam vet, a crazy Vietnam vet that keisters watches, a crazy alien abduction victim or just dancing in an empty hotel to a Fatboy Slim tune Christopher Walken nails every role and has become one our most beloved crazy eyed actors in an industry filled with completely insane people.


National Tater Day

Ask anyone what their favorite vegetable and they will tell you the potato. If they don’t then either that person is a liar or crazier than Christopher Walken. The real question this National Tater Day is how do ya like ’em. Not sure? The following is a top five of how you SHOULD like them.

#5 – Loaded Baked


#4 – Vodka


#3 – Mashed


#2 – Hashbrowns


#1 – French Fries