November 8, 1789 – Baptist Minister first to Distill Bourbon Whiskey

Must…not….lick….computer screen.

Baptist Minister Elijah Craig lived his life in the rolling hills of Kentucky spreading the gospel and harboring good amongst the people. Craig even helped establish Georgetown College in order to educate young minds about the omnipotent Baptist deity called Jesus. Though preaching was his profession Craig’s passion was brewing blessed spirits. With years of experience and aid from 2 of the 3 members of the holy trinity, as the son was preoccupied founding Mormonism at this time, Craig turned sour corn mash into the Bourbon Whiskey we love today.

I hate to burst a bubble, but Minister Craig didn’t actually invent Whiskey or the method of aging in charred oak casks. Many folks during that time preferred to turn corn into delicious whiskey rather than let it rot in their storage bins. Craig didn’t even live in Bourbon County during his life. Nevertheless, Bourbon Whiskey is regarded as a Southern staple and one of the few true American spirits.

Today change up your method of Bourbon consumption. Like it with coke? Try it neat. You enjoy fruit juice with your whiskey? Try it with some tea. Are you a raging alcoholic? Then you’re just going to drink it straight out of the bottle and verbally abuse your loved ones anyway.