NHL January Fights of the Month

Our top fight only occurs once every few years, the all out rumble. It comes courtesy of Calgary and Vancouver. Calgary put out their 4th line, and many of their fighters to start the game, which is uncommon. In fact, it was the first and only time they did so all season. Head Coach John Tortorella took notice and exception to the move, and sent out his fighters in response to the move. What ensued was a five on five line brawl, which also included defenseman Kevin Biesksa lining up at center to taking the faceoff.

The aftermath? Eight ejections, including Kellan Lain who was just seconds into his NHL debut. This was followed by head coach John Tortorella attempting to entering the Flames locker room to fight the opposing head coach during the first intermission (seen in the second video). Tortorella was subsequently suspended for 15 games for his antics.

FAMs Winner: The fans

Antoine Roussel and Kevin Klein faced off during the second period of this game, after getting into shoving match after a whistle in front of the Nashville goalie. No punches were held, as both eventually succumbed to sheer exhaustion. As a show of appreciation to Klein, Nashville promptly traded him just days later.

FAMs Winner: Kevin Klein

Heavyweights John Erskine and Colton Orr meet of for their third career bout, and get to it right off the face-off. This was in response to a fight just moments earlier that did not make our top 10. 

FAMs Winner: John Erskine

San Jose’s Mike Brown take on Washington’s Aaron Volpatti in this first period brawl. It was a quick fight, but it left Volpatti bloody and battered.

FAMs Winner: Anyone but Volpatti’s nose.

While not the best fight, Jay Rosehill and Paul Bissonnette went at it moments after being separated at the face-off circle. Bissonnette even asked for permission from his coach after they were separated to drop the gloves once the puck was dropped. How awesome is that?

FAMs Winner: Rosehill

Making his second appearance in the top ten is San Jose enforcer Mike Brown – this time taking on Oilers enforcer Matt Hendricks. Early on it looked like Brown was going to lose. That all changed with one punch that put Hendricks on his back, and subsequently sent him to the locker room with a bloody schnoz much like Volpatti earlier.

FAMs Winner: Brown

Eric Boulton and Jay Rosehill faced off for the second time this season.

FAMs Winner: A draw, despite Rosehill’s celebration after throwing Boulton down.

This fight features two unlikely opponents, with Ottawa’s Colin Greening taking on Eric Nystrom from Nashville. Chris Neil, not Greening, is typically the Senator you’d see in a fight – so Greening’s top ten fight certainly came as a surprise. This is the first time the two have faced off versus each other.

FAMs Winner: Eric Nystrom

Nystrom is featured once again, in this fight that sent the equipment flying. Right from the face-off you can see him baiting Colorado forward Cody McLeod. Unfortunately for McLeod, he took the bait, and probably wishes he didn’t.

FAMs Winner: Eric Nystrom

This ranking isn’t really about the fight between Matt Martin and Tanner Glass. It’s to bring to your attention who Matt Martin’s girlfriend. We know that you all struggled to sleep of late and  wondered who Boomer Esiason’s daughter is dating, and what she looks like. Ok, probably not, but here at FAM we have a wealth of useless information and are here share it with you.

Behold Sydney Esiason. Well done, Matt.

FAMs Winner: Martin, one and off the ice.