NFL Draft: Pre-Combine Rankings: OT

1. Ryan Ramczyk, Wisconsin

Ramcyk a fromer D3 player did the Wisconsin thing and transferred in and thrived. I’m not sure if he has the athleticism to be a LT in the NFL, but he’s a plug and play player at RT.

2. Garret Boles, Utah

In researching Boles I found the most Utah thing about him as possible, he’s already married. Boles has a ton of potential at RT.

3. Cam Robinson, Alabama

Robinson has had a very successful career at Alabama playing left tackle. He’s probably going to have to shift to right tackle or guard in the NFL though.

4. Roderick Johnson, Florida State

Johnson has agreat size and long arms. He is a little raw and wasn’t always at his best against speedy edge rushers, but should be a very good RT.

5. Taylor Moton, Western Michigan

Surprise surprise another guy that’s going to have to play RT or guard in the NFL. He should have a long career.