NBA First Half Recap Top 5

With it being NAB All-Star Weekend, it’s an appropriate time for to look back at the first half of the season for my top 5 quick recaps. By Motorboater

1 – Steve Kerr breaks his back and can’t coach majority of first half


…okay, so he literally didn’t break his back, but the spinal fluid leak that caused him to miss the first 41 games of the season could be back.  After the Warriors last game before the All-Star Break Kerr said that he was suffering headaches and pain. Luke Walton did lead the team to a 37-4 record (90% win percentage), but Kerr has lead the Warriors to an 11-0 record since his return. In my opinion Kerr needs to get right for the playoffs, if that requires taking another month off, he should. Walton has proved he is more then capable of coaching the Warriors.

2 – Speaking of the Warriors


They are gooooooood. Just how good? They are currently on pace to top the 1995-1996 Chicago Bulls record setting season, the team that went 72-10. The Warriors also have only loss 1 game this season when their team is completely healthy, and that was to the Detroit Pistons of all teams. So can the Warriors do it? That’s remain to be seen, either way, they are good.

3 – Speaking of good teams


How about them San Antonio Spurs! If it wasn’t for Golden State’s amazing run, everybody would be talking about the Spurs amazing season instead. The Spurs and Warriors are together making history, as this is the first time ever in NBA history that two teams have had win totals over 45 games going into All-Star Break.

4 – Lebron James did not get David Blatt fired


… oh who are we kidding, yes he did. We heard all the stories of how the chemistry on the team wasn’t connecting. Last year it was Kevin Love, but fortunately he re-signed with the Cavs in the off season. Unfortunately, the Cavs didn’t have the same faith in David Blatt. He was let go during the middle of the season, despite a first place finish and NBA Finals appearance. Reasoning coming out of Cleveland was that Blatt wasn’t connecting with his players, and nobody respected him. This despite having one of the best starts to a head coaching career. He should bounce on his feet no problem next season.

5 – So long Kobe

imagesIt’s the Kobe Bryant Farewell Tour this season, as Kobe announced that he will be retiring. Unfortunately for Kobe, the his surrounding cast isn’t as the Lakers will most likely finish at the bottom of the league… again. Despite this it’s great to see the opposing fans and players be as gracious on a nightly basis by chanting Kobe name and giving him standing ovations, after all he has done for the game he deserves it. He reminds me of Derek Jeter in a lot of ways and he was in a similar position going out, although the Yankees were not as bad as the current Laker squad.