Morning Wood – 3/28/2016

We hope you enjoyed your weekend and, for those that celebrate it, the Easter holiday.  Some may have today off and, if you happen to be one of those people, we hate you, at least right now.  For us, the weekend involved lots of hiding candy (and money) filled eggs, time with family and some good eats.  Anyway, we find ourselves back to the grind this fine Monday morning.  This weekend was relatively benign, at least as it relates to science.  We spent a significant amount of time trying to find something that was both interesting and allowed us to tie in a dick joke somehow…with little luck.  That might be a first for us, because we can pretty much turn anything into a discussion about upskirt pictures and used female yoga pants.  But, even if not all that “racy,” scientists believe they have discovered the minimum number of genes necessary for an organism to survive and reproduce.  This is a pretty significant development in the ongoing research centered around forming a better understanding of the human genome.  Genomics expert, Craig Venter, headed a team that researched this very topic.  Utilizing a bacterium, Venter & Co., found that the bacterium could survive and reproduce with a mere 473 genes.  In comparison, the human genome contains between 20,000 and 25,000 genes.

The basic goal of the research was an effort to identify the basic genes required to sustain life.  The problem is that the researchers still don’t understand what nearly half of those 473 genes do.  This is not the first time people have manipulated DNA, but the significance of this research is the decades of work spent in whittling down the bacterium genome to a point where they (currently) believe to have the minimum necessary.  This work will have broad applications as it is further developed.  Okay, you’ve made it this far, and it IS Monday morning, so we ought to do something nice for you.   Here is a “gif” of Katy Perry’s boobs bouncing:

Katy Perry jumping tits

Rock Chalk Flight Home Hawk  If your bracket remains in the running for a shot at the money in your pool, you are either crazy lucky or you have an ability to see into the future.  Either way, play the lotter, while your hand is hot.  The Jayhawks, whom many believed were all but a shoe-in for an appearance in the Final Four, got upset by a red hot Villanova squad.  Villanova has managed to shut down the big men as this tournament has gone on.  They held Miami’s big men to pedestrian numbers, and did the same against Kansas.  If the Wildcats stay this hot, they are a really tough team to beat.  Maybe losing to Seton Hall in the conference championship was a hidden gift to the squad, because they went from talk of a 1 seed to whispers in the wind of other squads (many of which have underperformed in March).


Syracuse and Co. Syracuse upset topped ranked Virginia and earned their spot among the final four teams left.  Watching Syracuse, we thought it might be possible, but still had UVA handling business.  This is one crazy Final Four, with Syracuse taking on Oklahoma and Villanova taking on North Carolina (the lone 1 seed left). We can’t imagine how many people got this foursome correct on their bracket, but it has to be less than 1% of the millions of brackets out there.  Despite what we thought at the start of this tourney, these are really the hottest teams out there, even if they aren’t the best “on paper.”  This is exactly what makes March so great.  We will be tuned in for some more craziness as the teams head to Texas for next weekend.

Lesson we learned recently (for our daughter):  Remember that it can be challenging to wait for something that may or may not come, but it’s always much more difficult to give away something that is all you want.

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