March 5, 1993 – Fidel Castro Makes a Hard Go at Hillary Clinton

In March of 1993, Bill “Slick Willy” Clinton was fresh off his Inauguration as the 42nd President of the United States. He was also known already at this point as a man who was loose with his hands and trousers, embroiled in the Gennifer Flowers affair in 1992, about to get hit by the Paula Jones encounter, and was just revving up for his next scandal, Monica Lewinsky in 1995. The portrayal of President Clinton, at least in the international sense, was a man who enjoyed the company of a woman’s ass.

Fidel's Vanity Fair issue cover? The other macho sexist pig...
Fidel’s Vanity Fair issue cover? The other macho sexist pig…

Yet as far as Cuban overlord Fidel Castro was concerned (and possibly other Latin American dictators), Clinton was just a macho man doing macho man things. He described such in an interview with Vanity Fair.

It was at the time of those interviews that Castro, on this day March 5, gave his own machismo nut swing and hat tip to Bill and his wife, then First Lady Hillary Clinton, and called the Mrs., “a beautiful woman.” While this in context was a Machismo default on sexual dalliances, it was also a reverse-macho move to turn the President’s wife into the feature of the Marxist leader’s communal fapping. He relegated Hillary to a muchacha in his harem of Cuban smoke-shows – all yearning to leave their current situations – the latter just hoping to land in Miami.

Some might say he was just being a macho sexist pig in defending a macho sexist pig, but we contend he was being a macho sexist pig in an effort to belittle a macho sexist pig. Either way, ol’ Fidel is dead, and his eyeball candy was stolen by the other sex fiend in the White House that plowed Hillary.