March 18, 1965 – Pillsbury Introduces Doughboy aka Poppin’ Fresh

Pictured: Doughboy circa 1992.

Aside from diabetes, morbid obesity, and heart failure, nothing is more synonymous with baked goods than the Pillsbury Doughboy. His trademark chef hat and matching neckerchief have been a staple in our frozen foods sections for nearly 50 years. The lovable doughboy’s laugh has delighted pastry lovers everywhere while also terrorizing hefty individuals who have endured abdomen prodding by Poppin’ Fresh fans.

While today Poppin’ Fresh stands as one of the culinary worlds most recognizable image, it wasn’t long ago that the Doughboy struggled to make it out of the rough streets of South Central LA. The Doughboy was born into a one parent household, his father had walked out before his first kneading. While street smart, the Doughboi – as he was known on the streets – was caught up in the gang warfare that gripped his Crenshaw home. After a stint in lock up the Doughboi, now a DoughLion, returned wiser and fully risen. The tragic death of his brother pushed the DoughLion towards his calling of being a baked goods pitchman.

Although we tragically lost Twinkie The Kid to a police shoot out and the Kool-Aid Man to an acid overdose, Poppin’ Fresh was able to beat the odds and stand tall today.

While Boyz n the Hood is loosely based on the life of Poppin’ Fresh, Menace 2 Society was inspired by Ronald McDonald’s time as a cheeseburger peddling crack addict.

But as the old saying goes “You can take the dough out of the hood but you can’t take the hood out of the Doughboy”. Consider these words, because if there isn’t a camera or some cash money on the table, poking Dat Doughboi will get you a cap in that ass.