Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

So, you’ve procrastinated once again and present time is imminent.  Its too late to remain in your lair and order stuff online, and all the real life stores are either closed or way too crowded to manage.  Don’t panic.  Here are some last minute ideas that people will love.

Spotify Subscription

Spotify is a music service that allows you to pick music you like from a huge catalog, to make your own library and playlists.  The premium subscription allows the user to download and save the music locally on your device, instead of having to stream it all the time.  You can gift someone a 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, or 12 month Spotify subscription from your computer right now from their website.  The gift will arrive in the form of an e-card to the recipient’s inbox.  The 12 month subscription is $119.88, and is a great gift for any music lover you know.  It will seem a bit more personal than just picking up an Olive Garden gift card at the gas station, again.

A Trip or an Event

This one is great for your friends or significant other.  Just go online and find an event they’d like to attend (Sporting event, concert, etc.) or put together a quick weekend getaway.  They don’t have to know that you just bought the tickets or booked the room Christmas morning.  Just pick up a card to give to them, and write something about what you have planned.  The best part, is that you also get to go, although this can also be the worst part if your wife really wants to see a ballet.

A Bottle of Booze

Alcohol is a very versatile option as a gift.  It can be pricier if its somebody that means a lot to you, or relatively cheap if its for one of those people who you just need to get something for.  From wine, to champagne, to liquor, and beer, you can easily pick something that you know the giftee will be sure to like.  For your beer-loving friend I’d suggest picking up a bottle of Delirium Noel, a Christmastime Belgian Strong Dark Ale.