Kelty Tumbler 50/70 Sleeping Bag Review

Kelty Tumbler 50/70 Sleeping Bag

By Trailname Ace.

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When I first began getting back into hiking, I realized that most of my gear was highly out of date. One of the most glaring examples of this, was my large, bulky sleeping bag. While it was still in good shape, and had served me well for most of my life, I knew that its size and weight would prove to be a liability on a days-long section hike of the Appalachian Trail.

My search for lightweight, budget-friendly sleeping bags, quite often produced links to the Kelty Tumbler 50/70, a dual-temperature sleeping bag. My first section hike of the AT was to occur in the spring, so the flexibility of this bag seemed ideal, being that it has a comfort level of 70 degrees Fahrenheit in one use, and 50 degrees in the other.

With it being summer, in most places where you choose to camp, this bag should be able to keep you comfortable at night. Check out the video review to get a look at the bag.

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