July 31, 1981 – Happy Birthday M. Shadows!

Rock and/or roll

Heavy metal isn’t dead, it merely slumbers. It waits for other genres to rot from the inside. Country music is OK with calling the bubblegum pop coming out of Nashville today “country music” and rap has fully embraced Canadian tough guy Drake as it’s headliner but metal bides its time rather than pump out useless voice distorted drivel. While we patiently wait for the horned God called heavy metal to wake Avenge Sevenfold has carried the metal torch through the pop rock wasteland and leading the way is front man and birthday boy M. Shadows.

The Huntington Beach California native is of course best known as the lead singer of heavy metal band Avenged Sevenfold but also boasts collaborations with Slash, Fozzy and hair band survivors Steel Panther. At 34 years of age M. Shadows is already considered metal’s premier crooner and if he can achieve the longevity of say, an Ozzy Osborne, Shadows can enjoy another 40 years of drug addled and confused fame.

From firstandmonday and headbangers everywhere, thanks for keeping metal alive Mr. M Shadows. HAIL TO THE KING!