National Chicken Wing Day POLL: How do you like’em?

The man triumvirate is simple: Beer, sports and chicken wings. (You can also throw tits in there but this is a family website.) This holy trinity exists for only one reason, for men to fully enjoy the watching football while sloppy drunk experience. Today our great nation observes the mighty chicken wings in all its versatile goodness. Once thought to be the most useless part of a chicken, the chicken wing now rules its poultry kingdom with a sauce soaked fist.


Buffalo-WingsWe know EVERYBODY loves wings. The real question today, on this holy of holiest day, is how you like them. Let know how you like your wings without fear of ridicule, because there is no wrong answer. That is, unless you like them boneless and breaded. Gross



You get to Pick two, So select two before clicking post. Your favorite not listed? Post in comment section below

July 29th National Chicken Wing Day POLL: How do you eat them?

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