July 22, 1946 – Happy Birthday Danny Glover!

Roger Murtaugh: Mustache Hall Of Fame Class Of 1995

If the 80’s where the decade of the buddy cop movie then Danny Glover’s Roger Murtaugh was the king of all grumpy sidekicks.  In a list that includes Jack Cates (48 Hours), Detective Billy Rosewood (Beverly Hills Cop), Uncle Bob Hodges (Colors), and Hooch the Dog (Turner & Hooch), that’s saying something! What separates the ever on the verge of retiring Roger Murtaugh from his doughnut loving counterparts is Danny Glover who today turns 71 years young.

While Glover is best known as Roger Murtaugh, Martin Rigg’s straight laced family-man partner, his career began in a more modest fashion as a city administrator. Needing a change from the dark pit of despair the rest of us call every day life in the middle class, the tall and ruggedly handsome Glover decided to try his hand at acting. After years on stage Glover earned a role in Steven Speilberg’s The Color Purple as Albert Johnson, a widower who takes pleasure in whooping Whoppie Goldbergs ass in every other scene. Glover’s critically acclaimed portrayal of a drunken misogynist who brutally rapes and beats his wife naturally led to the role of Sargent Roger Murtaugh in the four part movie series Lethal Weapon opposite of the borderline insane Martin Riggs, played by the borderline insane Mel Gibson.

Glover would have roles in films like The Royal Tennenbaums, Buffalo Soldiers and The Shaggy Dog, but besides Operation Dumbo Drop, we will forever know him as Roger Murtaugh, the tired old detective that got saddled with a schizophrenic and terribly mulleted Martin Riggs mere days before his retirement. Enjoy your day Roger Murt…….errr, Danny Glover! Because at 71, you really are getting too old for this shit.