July 11, 1889 – Tijuana Is Founded

Tijuana, home of the Westminster Donkey Show.

Long before Las Vegas or Atlantic City became the mecca of hedonism, Americans looking for some neither nice nor clean fun traveled south of the border to the the Mexican city of Tijuana. Since the early 20th century the border town has fulfilled our darkest fantasies and bogus prescription bottles, not to mention our twisted need for the bizarre, and delicious tacos of any meat you like. ANY MEAT…

Located in the northern Mexican state of Baja California, Tijuana was originally a Spanish settlement called Rancho Tia Juana (because Native American history apparently doesn’t count) . After the Mexican-American War, Tijuana found itself a border town with its sister city San Diego only minutes away. By the turn of the century the US had become a Naval power and used San Diego as the base of it’s Pacific fleet. This massive military base contained thousands of sailors, and if we know anything about seamen it’s that extended periods of time at sea makes a man’s appetite for sexual gratification… strange. These adventurous servicemen found the loose and free willing spirit of Tijuana to their liking, and in response Tijuana itself changed to further cater to the dollar carrying gringos. When the sailors service was up, they left the military but continued to stream into T.J. for whatever sick fantasy brought them there in the first place.

Today Tijuana remains a sanctuary for all those looking to expand their life experience. While the Mexican drug war rages elsewhere, one can still visit the modern Tijuana without fear of being decapitated with a chainsaw. If you are looking to simply take a picture with a donkey painted like a zebra, or just seeking the company of a young senorita, or young man, or young man dressed as a young senorita, Tijuana is still the place for you.