January 31, 1747 – London’s Lock Hospital First to Treat VD

What do we have here? Oh, a vagina.

With today’s technology and medicine it’s really easy to take for granted things that out forefathers could only dream of while suffering a miserable tech-less existence. If you’re bored just go ahead and turn on your HDTV, or go catch a terrible Larry The Cable guy flick at the theater. Need to get a hold of someone right away? Call them up on your cell phone which by the way can also be used to cruise the world wide web for news and porno. Say you go out and meet a lady of questionable hygiene and take her back to your place but forgot a condom. No problem, just take a jaunt over to the nearest clinic and pick up some ointments and pills. Might as well swing by the pharmacy for some Plan-B as well just in case ol’ girl wasn’t planning for parenthood (if you know what we’re saying).

Things weren’t that simple for men back in the day. If you got the drip from the local town hooker then you just had to deal with burning piss the rest of your life. The good people of London didn’t sit back and let venereal disease dictate their life however. They grabbed Syphilis and Co. by the collar and yelled, “Where not gonna take it anymore! It really fucking burns!” On this day in 1747, London’s Lock Hospital first opened to treat men and women for venereal disease. While antibiotics where still years away, there was finally a place sexually active deviants (i.e. hookers and sailors) could go for treatment. No longer would they have to suffer through itchy genitalia, thick secretions and unsightly warts in silence and shame. Here’s to a clean crotch and Lock Hospital!