January 27, 1984 – Micheal Jackson’s Hair Catches Fire

I’ll never drink Pepsi again.

Heavy is the head that wears the crown and in Micheal Jackson’s case this day in 1984, it was on fire as well.

Jackson, known for his extravagant live shows and love of primates, had just signed a multi-million dollar contract with soda giants Pepsi and was in the process of creating what was to be an epic commercial full of dancing, singing, pyrotechnics and of course gratuitous crotch abuse. Indeed such was the spectacle that when an exploding firework lit the King of Pop’s royal jerry-curl it burned for several seconds before the Thriller realized his noble dome was ablaze.

Terrified onlookers, along with The Man in the Mirror’s brothers Tito, Germaine and his beloved chimpanzee companion Bubbles, were amazed at the Monnwalker’s calmness in the face of catastrophe. While other men would have shrieked in pain Jackson, who normally shrieked in ecstasy, maintained calm and and composed and even reassured his fans while being wheeled out to a waiting ambulance. The Gloved One was taken to a local hospital where he was treated for 2nd degree burns and released that same day.

While seemingly horrifying, this event happened during the Smooth Criminal’s prime. Before the allegations, plastic surgeries, child enticing home circus, plastic surgery and the inter venous drug use Michael Jackson was the most famous man on earth. And when his precious hair caught on fire the planet held it’s breath, and it’s groin.