January 14 – National Dress Up Your Pet Day

This is not the life I chose.

Little old ladies and single, middle-aged men rejoice, it’s National Dress Up Your Pet Day!

As humans have evolved, so have their pets. We’ve tamed the mighty grey wolf into our pathetic teacup chihuahuas, while the majestic wildcats has been turned into cheeseburger loving, automatic vacuum riding house cats. We love our pets and spend billions of dollars each year to feed and dress them. They cut the power? Insufficient funds at the bank? It doesn’t matter as long as Fifi has her diamond studded litter box. And it doesn’t matter if Rover eats his own shit, his food will still be gluten free because he has a stomach condition.

Dogs and cats have no need for clothing as they feel no shame being nude. That doesn’t stop humans from dressing them up like Leprechauns or Elves, depending on the holiday. Well, in that case lets take advantage of this day and go all out. Let your pet freak flag fly and and dress Fluffy to the nines! Feel free to share a pic on social media of your favorite animal in its [your] favorite costume!