iPhone/iPad Games: Star Wars Commander

By: Frewilly

Move over Clash of Clans, a real challenger has arrived. Previous challengers, such as Samurai Siege, have added great features to the genre of smartphone/tablet games; however, none of them has had a pre-existing fan base. Enter Star Wars Commander, a new castle/tower defense game which has quickly risen to the top 8 grossing apps in Apple’s AppStore.

Obviously, the name appeal will bring hordes of new gamers into market. The game does offer some of its own interesting twists. First you get to decide to align with the Rebels or the Empire (dark side). After selecting a side, you are given control over a base on the planet Tatooine. From there you control some simple single player missions, where you get help from “Heroes.” You build your base/army, and from there you are off to the races of becoming an elite player on your iPhone.

Rebels or the Empire?  Its really up to you. Each side will have their own features, such as X-wings for the Rebels and Tie Fighters for the Empire. Many folks will start 2 accounts and play both sides. Don’t worry, alliances/clans can have both Empire or Rebel players, or they can be set to only have Rebel/Empire players.

The biggest change Star Wars brings is the number of different troops available to a player. From early on in the game, there are over 20 troops available to the Dark Side at just base level 5. The number will continue to grow as the game develops. This offers an attack a wide array of different troop layouts to attack the opponents. Variability is essential for a game to last in this ADHD filled market.

The game also has an interactive campaign which does unlock additional troops. This is a feature that is lacking in Clash of Clans. Star Wars currently has no war feature, which will need to be added. Wars have been come a staple of the industry since Samurai Siege launched in the US nearly a year ago. Additionally, there are many bugs that need to be fixed ASAP, but fans will look past these for now.

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Get ready to join the fun. This game will dominate, and may challenge Clash of Clans (revenues over $1.3M a day) for the top spot in the App store. I give Star Wars a fighting chance because of its massive following that Dad’s can now share with their kids (hide the credit card). If Star Wars can’t topple Clash of Clans, Call of Duty Heroes will give it a try (already released in Australia).

May the Force be with you. Kick ass and start smashing bases!