Incubate: The Future of Messaging (literally)

Last week a new app for iPhone just launched. It Is AWESOME and you must start using it today.

Incubate by Chronogram, LLC 
The app is a social media app similar to Snapchat; however, it holds an amazing new feature. You can send messages into the future up to 25 years to be delivered at the moment of your choosing. For example this past weekend, my best friend and I made predictions on the LSU v. Wisconsin football game. Instead of writing the scores down, we sent each other a message predicting the final score of the game. 

It was awesome. The game started at 8 PM and we sent each other a message to be available at 11:00 PM. Neither of us influenced each other’s prediction and at the end of the night, I won the bet with my 35-31 prediction. 

The time delayed app allows me the ability to share pictures, texts, voice, and videos with my friends to be opened later.  I can’t wait until fantasy football season when I get to criticize my buddy’s decision to start Zac Stacy in Week 4. 

Anyway, this app has many applications. I can send future messages to a buddy, myself, or to my girlfriend (let her know I lover her before I do something stupid :D). 

You should try out the new app and send a message to a friend into the future. We haven’t developed time travel yet, but you may still wish your friend happy birthday months in advance!

Find the app here: Click it