Federated Auto Parts 400 Preview

FirstAndMonday‘s Federated Auto Parts 400 Preview


by Holden Asworth

Well boys, this is it.  The last race of the regular season, the last chance to make it into the Playoffs.  A handful of drivers have nothing to worry about.  A separate group of drivers are hanging on a prayer.  What better way to fight it out than under the lights?  This week, we’ll take a look at some of the drivers who aren’t locked in to the playoffs yet.

The Unfortunate:

Logano – he had a win here in the spring, but it was rule encumbered after they found out he was a cheating bastard.  He NEEDS a win to make it in.  No win, no championship shot.

Bowyer – He’s in the same boat as Logano sans-cheating, but he’s much closer to the cut-off.  Theoretically, he could end up in the playoffs without a win tonight, but it would be close.

Kenseth – If the regular season ended right now, he’d be in on points (no wins).  A win would definitely help calm the waters in the #20 camp.  Missing the playoffs in his final year at Joe Gibbs Racing would tie the bow on one dud of a season.

Elliott – Basically the same situation as Kenseth, without being geriatric (he’s like 2/3s the age).  He had quite the hype going into his rookie season, and then…..nothing happened.  Making the playoffs could provide a spark this team would need.

Surprise Winner:

Dale Earnhardt Jr – I mean, why not?  It’s his last chance to make his last playoffs.  This may not happen, but it would be pretty damn epic if it did.



Where to Watch


Saturday Night, 7:30pm ET on NBCSN and SiriusXM NASCAR Channel 90

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