FAM’s NFL Kings Of The Hill Week 13 Recap


NFL Kings Of The Hill Week 13

By Bruce Harris

The playoff picture is getting clearer and I’m ready to crown more asses than ever this week!

AFC East


Crown: Foxboro

What happened: The Patriots are bullying their way to another Championship run.

New England (10-2) beat up the Bills (6-6), 23-3. It got so bad that the NFL had to suspend Gronk for a week because he played too rough with Tre’Davious White, whoever that is. This team has elite QB play, elite coaching and don’t look now, but their once maligned D is looking pretty…elite. Crown Em!

The Jets (5-7) embarrassed the fans of the Chiefs (6-6), 38-31. Yikes.

The Dolphins (5-7) are still mathematically alive after dismantling the Broncos (3-9), 35-9. But it was just the Broncos. That won’t happen every week.

AFC North


Crown: The Burgh

What happened:  Pittsburgh came back from 17-0 at halftime to beat Cincy.

Pittsburgh (10-2) had a huge come back win at Cincy (5-7), 23-20 on MNF. By now you’ve heard about all the thuggery from both sides last night but did you know about the Marvin Lewis wiki page?


“Marvin Ronald Lewis (born September 23, 1958) is an amateur football coach who is the head coach of the Cincinnati Bengals of the National Football League (NFL). Lewis has held the position since January 14, 2003 and is unfortunately the second-longest tenured head coach in the NFL behind Bill Belichick of the New England Patriots.”

Thats just for starters, read it all here if you want a few laughs.

But back to the Steelers, they are the only team that can stop the Pats this year and they are in firm control of the North once again. Crown Em!

The Ravens (7-5) have quietly won 3 in a row, this time over the Lions, 44-20. They are in control of their Wild Card destiny.

The Browns are still flirting with perfection (0-12) thanks to the Chargers (6-6 ) who beat them, 19-10.


AFC South


Crown: Nash Vegas

What happened: Titans have won 2 in a row.

The Titans (8-4) beat the Texans (4-8), 24-13. They are currently tied for first place with Jacksonville (8-4) who beat the Colts (3-9), 30-10. I like the Titans in this race as long as Mariota stays healthy. Even though the Jags can dominate on D, a dynamic playmaking QB like Marcus can beat a doofus like Blake Borkles most of the time.



AFC West


Crown: L.A.

What happened: I called it last week, the Bolts are winning this thing.

L.A. (6-6) is on a 3 game winning streak and in a 3 way tie for first in this division. This week the Chargers beat the Browns (0-12), 19-10.

The Chiefs (6-6) are part of this 3 way tie but are fading fast, now on a 4 game losing streak. This time they were victimized by the Jets (5-7), 38-31. It might be time to burn Mahomes redshirt and see if he can save their season.

Closing out the first place tie trifecta are the Raiders (6-6) who beat the Giants (2-10), 24-17. That was enough to get Ben McAdoo fired. Good.

The Broncos (3-9) suck. The got walloped by the Dolphins (5-7) who also suck, 35-9. Eli to Denver!


NFC East


Crown: Philly, still.

What happened: The Eagles lost a game and it doesn’t even matter.

The Eagles (10-2) hot start and league best record was obtained by beating teams with losing records. This week they went up against Seattle (8-4) on the road in prime time on SNF. It didn’t end well for the Green Birds as the Grey?…Blue?…Blue/Grey birds ate their lunch, 24-10. Luckily, Philly still has a 4 game lead in the division. However, they really need to also get home field advantage if they want to go all the way in the playoffs…tune in next week, sports fans!

The Cowboys (6-6) are a mediocre team with a mediocre QB who are sorely missing their suspended elite RB. The won this week on TNF, 38-14 against the Redskins (5-7), 38-14, who themsevles are a mediocre team with an above average QB sorely missing something…maybe their injured for the season third down back or their oft injured TE. How much patience will Dan Snyder have with the other Gruden? Bob Stoops to D.C.?

Ben McAdoo’s punchable face got fired, finally. He benched Eli Manning, started Geno Fucking Smith and the Giants (2-10) lost 24-10 to the Raiders (6-6). Bye, Felicia. Jeff Fisher to N.Y.?


NFC North


Crown: Minnesota

What happened:  The Vikings are now on top of the league.

The Vikes (10-2) just might find themselves at home in the Super Bowl! They extended their gaudy win streak to 8 by beating the Falcons (7-5), 14-9. To go into Atlanta (who was playing good ball of late and who was in the playoff hunt) and to beat them in a defensive game like that tells me that the Vikings are ready to get the job done, anywhere, anytime and against anyone. Crown Em, BROTHER!

The Lions (6-6), Packers (6-6) and Bears (3-9) also play in this division, if anyone is taking notes. Only Green Bay managed a win this week, needing OT just to beat the awful Buccaneers (4-8), 26-20. Thats almost like a loss.


NFC South


Crown: New Orleans

What happened: Their was a super moon in the Crescent City this weekend.

It was a battle for first place and the Saints (9-3) out manned, out classed and out lasted the Panthers (8-4), 31-21. This team finds new ways to win every week and if you haven’t checked out Alvin Kamara yet, do yourself a favor and watch the Saints. He’s a bigger, stronger (and nearly as quick) Darren Sproles/Reggie Bush type of player. Just the kind of weapon opponents don’t want Brees and Payton deploying. Crown Em!

The Falcons (7-5) aren’t dead yet, I guess. But the Vikings (10-2) punched them in the throat, 14-9.

The Buccs (4-8) lost, again. This time to the Packers (6-6), 26-20 in OT. Is the Jameis Wintson experiment over?


NFC West


Crown: Tinsel Town

What happened: The Rams have won 2 in a row.

L.A. (9-3) beat the Cardinals (5-7) on the road, 32-16. Its never easy to win in the desert but this team is proving they are among the leagues elites and Sunday’s score showed why.

The Seahawks (8-4) have been among the elite for ages now, and they showed the upstart Eagles (10-2) a bad time on SNF, 24-10. If the NFL turned playoff seeding over to the NCAA committee the NFC would land 10 out of the 12 spots and honestly that might be for the best this year. Outside of New England or Pittsburgh in the AFC, the NFC playoff contenders are all much stronger than their counterparts in the other league.

The 49ers (2-10) got their first win from Jimmy Garoppolo as they bested the Bears (3-9), 15-14. Dilly Dilly!




Kings Of The Hill Super Bowl Predictor:

Patriots vs Vikings


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